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strumslinger Arc User

Please send me a private message instead of writing on my wall. Lord Neverember demands it!


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Member, NW_CrypticDev


  • toper187#8474
    August 2017
  • janadavis
    What about Arc for the IPad..... Happy questing
    February 2016
  • tugboatjoe
    were do i get the pin code its asking for
    January 2016
  • momoose
    Hi my is tebow in the game ,I was playing the game until this new update. I downloaded the new update to find out i can'nt play know looks like you need another update to fix the problem
    November 2015
  • sardpac

    I see that the log in banner shows a free mount if you register on arc. I did and when I went to look further it seems to indicate that it is time limited ending in May. I am wondering why it continues to be shown when not available

    Let me know

    September 2015
  • daaly
    Hey Strum...I am enjoying the premise of Strongholds however as someone in a small guild I can tell you that the overall material requirements needed to build any structures after the lumberyar are on the excessive side. Is there any news on the dev side as in is this issue on their radar because I got to tell you small guilds hect even mid sized guilds are struggling to get the two other basic level structures (Mill and Marketplace) up and running. As someone who still runs one of the largest guilds on EQ2 for over 10 years I can tell you players from small to mid sized guilds will not want to log in daily do the few SH quests and barely make a dent in the overall material requirements. I understand the urge to gateway all guilds so as to not have max level on everything overnight however by selling the stronghold packs (which I'm not against mind you ) but they need a serious reduction across the board to help keep small and mid sized guilds viable. Sorry for the vent.
    August 2015
  • eldarfreak
    is the place I post my dxdiag? please answer
    August 2015
  • eldarfreak
    hi, i still cannot even get past the neverwinter screen and its been how long?

    August 2015
  • isabelleros
    My accompte not correct i dont have no more my bag pet no more my all pet i paying $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and no service good for reaper an i ont nee anymore play this game because you ont give the service for that so not reapar my accompte in 24houre no more come because i make $$$ and no service
    August 2015
  • azlanfox
    Your company's "customer" service is really, really bad.
    August 2015
  • tgsmooth
    It kind of isn't fair to me if I went by the contest rules and I was the only one who submitted a video and didn't win.
    August 2015
  • tgsmooth
    There was only one video, and it was mine wouldn't that make me the winner automatically?
    August 2015
  • hoppy52000
    hey andy, Ever since i upgraded to win 10, i'm locked out same issue client freezes but mine may be slightly different says my win "8" drivers stopped then recovered..wierd part is I'm running the generic win 10 drivers hp 15t r000 lap win 10, Sadly my gaming desktop crashed 2nd or 3rd week of the alpha tests.. was able to get in both servers on lap using the safe mode fixes, but after upgrade and the SH release i'm screwed cant get in no matter what! kinda sucks not being able to see SH .. if you or rob can think of anything lmk i really don't want to roll back to 8.1
    August 2015
  • jdnutz
    why is it every thread i make gets taken down? i dont even get to read the replies, i,m done with this stupid bias forum.
    August 2015
  • kilyiewilde
    Hay there myself and most of my friends that have spent thousands of $$$$ on the game over the last 3 -4 yrs still cant get the game to load our character screens since the release of strongholds, we have tried everything including , running in safe mode, and deleteing and re-installing the game plz tell me how 2 fix this so my guildmates and i can get started on
    ur Stronghold,
    August 2015
  • hoofit
    lol thanks spiderman
    August 2015
  • djsuperfunx
    HI Andy

    Sure you get ripped with unhappy customers and players regarding the new strongholds patch ...BUT i dont want to be one of them.

    Just trying to find out what timelines we can expect before we are back to playing ?

    Whilst you guys are working on which seems a serious issue with launcher (Graphics ??)

    I wish you guys good luck and strength as you and the dev team probably didnt have much sleep lately

    Thanks for a great game.
    August 2015
  • bigclumsyape
    Hi Andy, any update on the alpha testing reward/title being given out? I have yet to recieve it and check everyday.
    August 2015
  • kapums
    hi protector path of gf is bugged brawling warrior doesnt work :)
    August 2015
    • kapums
      while use knigth´s valor rank 4
  • james093091
    You asked me to message you about the guild issue? This is fearless
    August 2015
  • mattlw
    the update issue is still going on as it is 12:41 in IOWA can we please get it fixed
    August 2015
    • mattlw
      12:41 pm
    • dlegionofboom
      Having the same issue in Washington State
    • killervirusxp
      the update will work after all servers are reset!
      they are working on the problem...
  • armadeonx
    Hi Andy

    Neverwinter is demanding an update and everyone gets a "failed update" message. This has been going on for about an hour so it's well outside the scheduled maintenance.

    I logged a ticket but thought I'd notify you directly too.

    August 2015
  • kermenc
    I am a solo player as well and have a private guild with my husband, so many changes as of late have changed the game. There has to be a way for small guilds not just meet in the middle because that is not what is going to happen. I don't mind doing the work as hubby does not play as much as I can. However, not to be able to get gear without HE event seems unfair there should be a workaround, be it resources, quests, etc. Please consider others as well.
    August 2015
  • xxbthemonsterxx
    Mr. Strumslinger please help.i reached out to support already. Please help i created proffesion gear with my warlock for my hunter ranger. I add scales to it and its boud please help.
    July 2015
  • danny3421
    Did you get my pm mate ;)
    July 2015
  • bmean
    Seems to be a problem with people getting randomly disconnected to character screen. I've noticed around 3:00pm est. Multiple people also mentioned same problem in the in-game chat.
    it happened to me probably 5 times in a row, twice while trying CTA. After that I gave up for now.. lol
    July 2015
    • bmean
      Xbox one
  • prynnce
    So what subject "Update to Leadership Changes" has had over 100 replies and 2200 views in less then 24 hours? We are asking Cryptic/PWE Dev's to reverse their decision to disable the Gateway!!!!!!!!!!!
    July 2015