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Cant Login

Hi There, anyone know what happen? I just created and went straight in but couldn't login or create a charactor at all.. pls advice.


  • inferiorityinferiority Posts: 169 Arc User
    Similar situation for me. Started the game but Cannot Connect to Login Server.
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  • mynaammynaam Posts: 147 Arc User
    Same here. I think I saw a notice that they are working on the isue
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  • admiraljoadmiraljo Posts: 2
    I get Arc Authentication error, which i thought i saw they're supposed to have fixed
  • travaca666travaca666 Posts: 14
    Every 2-5min server connection lost. My internet is fine, other games run fine.
  • alerianacmalerianacm Posts: 62 Perfect World Employee
    edited May 2015
    Please, submit a ticket to our Support. It would be better with the screenshots of your errors or technical messages and full description everything you know about the problem (when it appears etc.)
    Thank you in advance.
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