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Movement Issues

ginbuginbu Posts: 2
I've just started and already I found a major game breaking issue with this game
that will put off tons of players.
Mouse movement is not the way to go for a game that is like this, WASD is what this game should be.
Not diablo style movement cause I for one do like the mouse as a movement option but, this is not one of them.
So will this game get the keybaord movement?
Cause I can't use my keyboard to move which is what I use for games like this, so do away with mouse movement.
Cause I would like to get out of the tutorial area and can't if I can't use the keyboard.


  • evaravenevaraven Posts: 1
    I agree..hate point and click. WASD is so much better. I also dont like the camera view. It seems I am always looking down at the ground. Please fix that too
  • xisymexisyme Posts: 6
    I don't mind it, but i think having the option to switch, (something like Swordsman does) would be appreciated.
  • arketipicosarketipicos Posts: 197 Arc User
    I really play a lot of Diablo 2. Is another way to see and play...
    Picana - Shaolin - Deity Warrior
  • methodatx01amethodatx01a Posts: 8 Arc User
    I used to be like all of you, thought this game would be horrible without WSAD. But with the unlimited amount of monsters a player can pull I found that WSAD would have been horrible using WSAD with this system. Having the mouse as run and your other hand free for just bombarding skills really seems to give this game much more action than most other MMORPG's. Few video examples of the massive mob pulls from my youtube channel.


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