Malwarebytes Pegs StarConflict Web Site as Malware

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If you like I can upload the warning. While downloading the patch for this game my connection became blocked.  Upon review I found that Star Conflcit was attempting to use my upload stream to pass malware along.  This was confirmed shortly aftwards by Malwarebytes when it began to block site after site after that Star Conflcit was attempting to open.  The last site it blocked before I killed the progam was 

Port - *removed*
Process - C:\Star Conflict_en\Launcher.exe

The fact that it choked my connection by swamping my upstream capcity, (yes that does happen when the downstream cannot make a packet connection. - google upstream killing downstream speeds) alrmed me. But when Malware began to give warnings, ya.

Please check your set up.  SOmething is funky with the installation and or execution of this program.

And for the record, I am no internet noob. I know my system, I know my shit, and I know a problem when I see one. So don't patronize me about system specs and settings.  I have ran and installed thousands of program personally and professionaly since 94.  And this is the first time I have ever had this happen.  That says alot.

Please investigate.


  • vader6139
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    Same problem here.  Having nothing but issues after downloading.  

    Stay away from this game!!
  • well o dont gonna tell you anything about spec and shit only that i never had that malware crap happen to me i am always  protected against that and maybe and i say maybe youre malware detected something that maybe was hiding behind the launcher , not in it as that can happen mostly by pro hackers , and i can know that because i was warned by one who i knew so thx to him i watch closely to any actions behind every app , software and net travel i have , so maybe you should do that 2 , oh and good you noticed it because now ppl wil think its pw behind it and they arent
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    Malwarebytes is garbage too  ROFL, AVAST, Bitdefender, Avira, all them, they are all garbage, even the premium versions.  Get a real antimalware/anitvirus program and come back.  Right now you are just a noob and you are plastering it all over the Internet for everyone to see.

    "And for the record, I am no internet noob. I know my system, I know my ****"  Then you already know that every time that this has been said on the Internet that it has been total bull**** and usually quite the opposite.

    "I am the best"  Translation; "I am the worst"
    "I know my ****"  Translation;  "I don't know jack"

    "But I am IT guy", yeah right, if I had a nickel for every "IT guy" I met online I would just buy the Internet.
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    Since you're telling us this wonderful tale loratrocities, you uploaded the malwarebytes log anywhere? I mean, you know that thing about submitting it to them right? They'll let you know if it's a false positive or not by emails after you send it. But also, posting the log somewhere helps others see what you see as a series of events and with all the moving parts, which can be useful to discerning what's going on.

    I haven't had Malwarebytes flag for anything for a very long time, I use Avira for online since it came in 2nd to PCMatic (which has its own intrusive issues), unlike Malwarebytes.

    I'd also suggest getting the emergency kit form Emsisoft and running it, if not just downloading theirs with free trial. Emsisoft is another hardcore scanner similar to Malwarebytes, only they're on record telling the German government to take a flying leap when the government asked them to turn off detection of their spy software. See if StarConflict still comes up as a problem when scanned with Emsisoft. Today it often takes more than one program's alerts to say what the problem is, which, btw, Malwarebytes is regularly targeted by malware to attach to and mess with.
  • aliskosan
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    good day! it can't be connected to star conflict. We rechecked. Besides we constantly monitor feedback from various resources and it's the first time such notification appears. the problem should be somewhere else.
  • eldarion79
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    I, also, got the launcher download flagged as malware.