Another way to install the game?

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I have Star Trek online and Raiderz installed and I don't need ARC or Steam. But for some reason I can not download and install Star Conflict without one of those... am I missing something?? I should be able to just install the game by itself.


  • trmcgillicutti
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    It installs arc i believe, and arc is pwe's breaking away from Steam. Few online games have a stand alone install as then they have to have their own DRM protection, which is part of what the clients, Arc, Steam, etc., do is make sure DRM is there or the game stops running. If game was up on you'd know it has a stand alone installer and the DRM isn't through an online strategy, respectable.
  • aliskosan
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    You can download it without them. There is a stand along launcher but you need to register on our website.