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Enable Vanilla Forums API

asterelleasterelle Posts: 368 Arc User
Unless I'm missing something these forums currently have the Vanilla Forums API disabled. http://blog.vanillaforums.com/api/
Enabling the Public API it will allow people to make things like writing forum apps and mobile clients a lot easier.

Some background: On PWI forums I run a popular forum app called "Sweetiebot" that provides the community with some valuable services like
- Displaying PWI server status
- Analyses user posting habits
- Tracking promo codes
- Providing links to patches
- Provides entertainment

She is the most popular member of the forums and you can currently see some of her threads here:

http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=1566451 - Usage / FAQ
http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=1585581 - Pack Opening Simulator
http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=1568051 - Top Poster Tracker
http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=1736741 - Promo Code Tracker

The thing is the PWI forums are scheduled for demolition so Sweetiebot will either have to be ported or die.  Enabling the API would make porting her over to vanilla forums a lot more feasible.  She might even be able to provide service to other PWE games if that is done.


  • spiritfangspiritfang Posts: 5 Arc User
    I really hope they choose to enable the API. Your bot has been a wonderful asset to the community, especially for the promo code tracking.
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  • xrebelleangelxxrebelleangelx Posts: 3 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    R.I.P. Sweetiebot. >:)
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  • +1, we want Sweetiebot to live
    Kymraja Posts: 999,999,999,999Lalala lala la
  • belnorbelnor Posts: 65 Arc User
    +1 Sweetiebot is a colorful part of the PWI community and I want her to continue to serve and entertain us.
  • rawynnrawynn Posts: 42 Arc User
    <3 :) time to start the "save Sweetiebot" campaign.    
  • esco868esco868 Posts: 1 Arc User
    Let Sweetiebot live!
  • heero200heero200 Posts: 4 Arc User
    +1 For Sweetiebot
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  • darky26darky26 Posts: 43 Arc User
    Sweetiebot has been very helpful and a fun part of the forums. She gave informations, help and she is very entertaining too! I support Sweetiebot and I'll miss her if gone. I'd like for the Public API to be enabled so that Sweetiebot could work and be with us again. Thank you! 
  • eirghaneirghan Posts: 669 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    Sweetiebot needs API to make this jump, therefore for the PWI forums to be an active part of the player base's repertoire, API is necessary. PWE hopefully recognises Sweetiebot and Asterelle for the huge contributors that they are and will show that recognition by enabling API.If PWE cannot provide the active forum support that the player base asks for time and again they must at least enable the forums for those of the community that are willing to step up and fill that void for them, for free, for no questions or favours asked except their support to do so.
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  • charychary Posts: 116 Arc User
    Please enable this so Sweetiebot can live. ):
  • cococyacococya Posts: 230 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    Give us our delicious Sweetiebot, please! 
    Post edited by cococya on
  • I already hate this forum. :'(
    But I will write here for Sweetiebot. 
    I also want my bear smiles
  • nrglgnrglg Posts: 347 Arc User
    Sweetiebot is fun to pick a fight with, so I also support it.

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  • dawnx2dawnx2 Posts: 4 Arc User
    Save Sweetiebot!
  • catgirldesucatgirldesu Posts: 24 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    Save SweetieBot indeed. She was one of the best parts of the PWI forums.
  • forgets2flushforgets2flush Posts: 5 Arc User
    Please Save SweetieBot

    So I can whip out my Necro wand and read the sweet words...

    SweetieBot:  NECRO  
    SweetieBot:  ToyMaker_NOT has replied to a thread 6 years 7 months 12 days old.

    Then my favorite Mod sends me a bad boy message ~wink~

    But in all seriousness SweetieBot is a useful forum tool.
  • foley3kfoley3k Posts: 346 Arc User
    It's funny to see that the lack of pwe presence is the same here, as on the other forums. Also I am not banned on this version....yet  haha
  • +1 for Sweetiebot ^^
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  • danny3421danny3421 Posts: 11 Arc User
    Only tie will tell, But it's nice to see this suggestion added. To see what they can do. But they will not be able to do every thing at once. Heheh. :) 
  • opkossyopkossy Posts: 11,177 Community Moderator
    Well this has my support.  As it truly deserves.  Sweetiebot has been helpful for moderation too and having it over here as well would rather nice.
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  • rieihdiusrieihdius Posts: 253 Arc User
    :) Long live Sweetiebot

  • savitrichaossavitrichaos Posts: 5 Arc User
    +1 for Sweetiebot! 
    We need her D:
  • titotittitotit Posts: 185 Arc User
    Plus one
  • arigatormrrobotoarigatormrroboto Posts: 1 Arc User
    She must live :[. SHE MUST D;
  • cirenaxcirenax Posts: 1 Arc User
  • ipereniperen Posts: 1
    Save Sweetiebot ! PWI related forums can't survive without her.
  • ovenusarmanioovenusarmanio Posts: 301 Community Moderator

    Thanks to MikoTenshi for the Avi and Kritty for the Signature.
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  • lanebrelanebre Posts: 1
  • conner2950conner2950 Posts: 2 Arc User
    +1 for SweetieBot
  • mrmusimrmusi Posts: 24 Arc User
    I'd like to sign the "save Sweetiebot" petition too!
    As I get better and better gear I find that skill is worth a lot more. Frankly, seeing a +12 person who seems to not know how to use a genie is disgusting.

    Oh well, why not check out my PWI Toon?
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