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Does this game still have the original moderators

xaneksxaneks Posts: 8 Arc User
Or were more professional mods found?


  • They seem fine to me. US, EU and RU region.
  • xaneksxaneks Posts: 8 Arc User
    When I last played (2014) they were very unprofessional, abused their powers for kicks, and had an extreme bias against US players
  • penitenziagitepenitenziagite Posts: 5
    edited April 2015
    So far, for the last 6 months I've only seen temporary mutes for some of the most infantile and inane remarks. Recent, but typical, example: [image removed] - I think those jokers got 1-hour mutes. If this is abusive or biased for you...
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  • xaneksxaneks Posts: 8 Arc User
    I didn't get little 1 hour mutes. I got a full 3 months at one time for asking why someone was offended by the word "nazi" . Needless to say I asked why they gave me a 3 hour mute and all the power abusive mod could say was "because I Fu**ing said so" And sadly I didn't screencap this (although I most certainly wish I had) but I am sure I would have been banned from their forums regardless for bringing that to light. I just find it amazing that they are willing to treat their player base with such disgust to the point that my monitor might as well be leaking gaijinns and gaijinns unprofessional mods liquid disgust. 
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