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Is this game still run by gaijinn

xaneksxaneks Posts: 8 Arc User
Or was it turned over to PWE?


  • iaxiliaxil Posts: 6
    edited April 2015
    Yes, this game is under Gaijin enterntainment group. It was created by Targem. 
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  • xaneksxaneks Posts: 8 Arc User
    perfect world entertainment. Since gaijinn is still running the show I will be giving the game a miss yet again.
  • cheesebasketcheesebasket Posts: 926 Arc User
    if it's on ARC, it's PWE...expect the equivalent of lockboxes eventually, as PWE moves closer to it's inevitable goal of eating Gajinn's soul lol
  • cheesebasketcheesebasket Posts: 926 Arc User
    that's what happened to STO anyway
  • trmcgillicuttitrmcgillicutti Posts: 26 Arc User
    If you're willing to make enough noise, and give em a tweet or 3, they are responsive so I am not sure why the negative Gaijin sentiment. Their forums show basically a language barrier more than anything, sometimes, with some of the administrators. It'll get better over time, well, usually does anyway. At least they have a reason if they ignore us, unlike 99.9% of the developers of games who ignore us out of sheer narcissistic arrogance haha
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