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Greetings, pilots!

Call me Andy (or Strum, or Spider-Man)!
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  • bwhorton
    bwhorton Posts: 1 Arc User
    Am downloading now..love trying new games..been a STO player for 3 years so this might be right up my alley...

  • utilyan
    utilyan Posts: 1 Arc User
    Sounds fun downloading tonite.   :)
  • rcassandrasaturn
    rcassandrasaturn Posts: 100 Arc User
    i'm downloading this game.. it sounds really fun and cool. been STO player for long time.. so it will bring me new experience with this new game of Star Conflict.
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  • Hey, Strum. I'm trying to play but when I go to login I get an error message saying that I've lost connection to the server. Reason: Arc service interaction error. Not sure what that's about because STO and Neverwinter are both working fine.
  • markfalcone
    markfalcone Posts: 4 Arc User
    I tried playing earlier and couldn't get past the login screen.  It kept wanting me to import a game.
  • seakrakken
    seakrakken Posts: 1 Arc User
    This, is gonna Rock!
  • scififan78
    scififan78 Posts: 1,386 Arc User
    Downloading now to check it out.
  • I tried to import my game but it made me make a new one. How do I import my account from steam?
  • When I try to install the game through my Arc client nothing happens when I hit the "Play Now" button. Any other game on the client launches a pop-up with installation diections. Star Conflict does nothing at all and I even tried updating and repairing my Arc Client to see if that was the issue. Any suggestions?
  • furacine
    furacine Posts: 2
    Its a great game, excellent graphics, but the gameplay is completely different than Star Trek Online, but its still a Fantastic Game.

    You can find me in the game as: Executioner 

  • I too have issues logging always get stuck on import screen.  Even went and created game account on there sight.  After much of there fourm reviews i found no answer but i did see posts about much bot usage which turns me off completely.  
  • e1finger
    e1finger Posts: 8 Arc User
    this game is fun for a quick pvp fix they even had their own type of Territory War. I remember the Engines with the 2 lil prob like thing Hex they was the Tanks even the Long range was a must to have in ur fleet the self guided Missle was fun as hell  and them long range sniper ships was a pain in the yeah. lol  several type of battle senerios protect the leader type was always  fun and same time could cause u to rage when the random selection of ur leader for some off the wall reason picks a very low level squishy ship knowing  they the main target the enemy fleet coming for lol,  .. they even had they own cap the flag style too. few others too . I just hated the being in the waiting dock sometimes waited close to 30 mins just to start a match for pvp. The cloaking ships was tricky to play . think imma DL this and see if its differant from back then .
  • cbrowne0329
    cbrowne0329 Posts: 282 Arc User
    I click on Play for Free and absolutely nothing happens.   Am I missing something?
  • killyana
    killyana Posts: 1 Arc User
    downloaded 3.7giga, when launched, it needs patching.. another 3.7 giga... c'mon..  patch the initial release....

    when trying to login with Arc.... get crappy import other stuff, cannot play..

    so for now 0/10, for simply being unavailable.
  • I am downloading this now, I hope to get my husband into this instead of the bloody football games he plays (sigh).
  • vader6139
    vader6139 Posts: 79 Arc User
    Downloaded, tried logging on with logon/password given -> FAIL.  So far this game sucks.  WTF??
  • mistsy2
    mistsy2 Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited March 2015
    For every one who cant get pass the loggin screen i hope this helps 
    theres a walk around to login :
     * First create a new star conflict account ,activate it at  www.Online.Gaijinent.com .
     * After that you can " import " your your Arc account and link it whit newly created Star Conflict account .
    From here you can login normaly whit your Arc account .

    Awesome Game btw :)
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  • its a space flight game were are my joystick options?
  • why is this on arc and I cant use my arc account,uninstall
  • vader6139
    vader6139 Posts: 79 Arc User
    edited March 2015
    Oh for the lords sake!!  Their support system is worse than Cryptics!!!


    It's going to be a while b4 this is ready for prime time.  This joke is not ready.  Neither is Gaijin.  

  • downloaded and played a bit. looks fun so far.
  • brevisvita
    brevisvita Posts: 1 Arc User
    why is this on arc and I cant use my arc account,uninstall
    Seems so. 
    Keeps trying to force me to IMPORT when I try to log in with my ARC acct.
    There is nothing to import, epic FAIL, sad to say.
    Uninstall, next best option.
    Best to all.
  • willwilco
    willwilco Posts: 4 Arc User
    Attempting to download the game again today after it did not see to finish downloading yesterday.
  • For those having issues installing, click the download ARC button and select "Repair". That is what fixed my issue with downloading this game.
  • dakaan750
    dakaan750 Posts: 2 Arc User
    Cant use arc account, even though the game login says so.
    > uninstalled
  • gamma2test2only
    gamma2test2only Posts: 16 Arc User
    If in the past, played to Warthunder, can use that id for recover. (i just try that game "long time ago" , less 1 day >:P dont get reach me mood-for-play-it ), but with it can pass this problem log. But clearly, this is a problem (must be available log in just using ARC... or Which is ARC use then?? .
  • trazogris
    trazogris Posts: 4 Arc User
    What to do when your ship keep locked saying it's in battle meanwhile you are at the hangar? 0_o
  • When you leave a match early it will give that notification. You will have to wait til the match is over before it unlocks them.
  • nfripp
    nfripp Posts: 1
    cant log in to the game. shows import screen. went and created gaijin account. still doesnt work.
  • iaxil
    iaxil Posts: 6
    edited April 2015
    I tried to import my game but it made me make a new one. How do I import my account from steam?

    Unfortunately, you can't link Arch with Steam
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