Will not let me download in ARC

shadowyfean Posts: 2 Arc User
It will not let me download and add the game via arc. I click learn more then play now for free or whatever its called and nothing happens, no downloading or anything.


  • I also am having this problem.
  • chysint
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  • zzbusch2
    zzbusch2 Posts: 2
    I finally  have it downloading, but it keeps updating, or redownloading. I beleive it's done this 4-5 times today. This is screwy.
  • rogueeenterprise
    rogueeenterprise Posts: 261 Arc User
    Try logging out and logging back in of Arc, then trying again and see if that helps.
  • shadowyfean
    shadowyfean Posts: 2 Arc User
    Tried logging in and out, still same thing. Unable to start the download.
  • zzbusch2
    zzbusch2 Posts: 2
    I've downloaded and started the install. It stops after 14%, then redownloads.
  • Anyone ever figure out how to fix this?

    I've uninstalled and re-installed ARC, update ARC, logged out and back into ARC and still nothing happens when I hit the "Play for Free" button. I can install any other game from ARC when I hit the button except this one!
  • vader6139
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    Don't bother.  This game is sending up all kinds of red flags with antivirus and malware screens.  Do not install!!
  • I have this as well

  • retonphe
    retonphe Posts: 3
    i ran the repair for ARC then when i clicked to get the free to play button my arc crashed for quite a while, i just let it do its thing and so far its downloading. at 76% now
  • retonphe
    retonphe Posts: 3
    yep downloaded an installed. not sure if it will help but it worked for me
  • willwilco
    willwilco Posts: 4 Arc User
    I started my download yesterday afternoon.  It ran all day, when I came back to check it looked like it finished a download and then started another.  I let it run till about 10pm then shut down my PC.  When I started it up a bit ago and opened ARC, it is downloading again and at about 43%.  I will watch it for some time to see if it finishes.
  • willwilco
    willwilco Posts: 4 Arc User
    The download made it to at least 90% then I was not watching it.  Now it has started downloading again and it is at 2% :( 
    Anyone able to assist on this?
  • sagith
    sagith Posts: 1
    Same problem here: I cannot find where to download Star Conflict anywhere in Arc client.
    I've read in system requisite that it only says "windows 7". I have Windows 8, can this be the problem?
  • retonphe
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    sagith. you have to click the "play for free" button in the arc launcher, then its supposed to go into your game library for downloading.
  • magentaace
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    Downloading now. Will see what hapens
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  • bardor
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    it should work trough steam if it doesnt  work in arc as steam has better os support then arc.