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Star Trek Online Warp Effects Idea

taurmanotaurmano Posts: 1 Arc User
Hi Everyone

I Had an idea i'd like to see implemented in one way or another into Star Trek Online
I've been playing on off since 2009 and it's great to see all the new content you've added to the game :)

So here is my idea - I have a main i've played since 2009, and i probably won't start playing on a new toon anytime soon, but i Really think the new warp effects you've added look amazing.
Would it be possible for you to make a menu in options with the ability to switch out warp effects, or maybe add it to the Z-Store for people like me who love the new look, but don't want to switch character's completely?

It would be a great quality of life improvement, or an extra source of revenue, as somebody like me would definently be willing to buy that.

I hope you will consider it :)


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