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Blacklight Retribution...

... seems to be gone like Battle and War of the Immortals. Although you can still see the forums you get a Oops-message when you click it. A little notice would have been nice.


  • petlan76petlan76 Posts: 1 Arc User
    I'm wondering why all the easy arc quest games vanish while the major pain in the rear that Jade Dynasty is stays...
  • horstpfickhorstpfick Posts: 4 Arc User
    Why do I get a new quest to play it on 4 days when it's gone?
  • kostasperfectkostasperfect Posts: 1 Arc User
    becose they are sooooooo Creedy and they want to push you to DONATE CASH and becose im player of BL:R verry long time they took away the game and i lost my lv 50 Agent and my facking money without say NOTHING
  • rohnarohna Posts: 1 Arc User
    I keep getting arc quests for it... some communication would be nice.
    "I went outside once. The graphics and audio were amazing but the gameplay and storyline sucked."
    (The above is a quote but I forgot to copy the name of the quoted.)
  • nathanfrankynathanfranky Posts: 4 Arc User
    game still exist on Steam. It has been transfered over to another company : http://store.steampowered.com/news/?appids=209870

    [quote]The next update for Blacklight Retribution is almost here.
    Current Arc game servers and player accounts will be migrating to new servers and relaunching on HSL hardware next week.
    Starting Jan-18 and running through Jan-24 player progression will be paused and the store will be temporarily open for free on US and EU Arc PC servers. On Jan-25 new PC servers will be going live and the updated client will be pushed out via Steam. The BLR store on Arc PC being open free means all items in BLR store will be zero costs in terms of GP. This allows players to play with all items, though note that these free items WILL NOT be kept on the new servers. This is specific to PC only during this update.[/quote]
  • So it's only gone away from arc? Should have taken out the arc quests, too.

    And generally:
    rohna said:

    some communication would be nice.

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