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Bug in Quest - Delivery of the Dead (Vibora Bay)

Hello are pros n veterans of Champions Online game i have found a bug in the quest called Delivery of the dead given by black mask npc in Vibora bay . the quest is to smash suspicious crates in a particular area and the zombies would pop out of it and i had done this quest for days literally for days . Each day i would have smashed like atleast 100 crates and the best i got was 1 - 5 zombies
When i sent this issue to support all they did was to try a different strategy Like what? watch till the crates break itself?? the quest is to smash all crates to find zombies n that was what i did over n over agn . Then they redirected me to forum informing that they dont handle gameplay issues . So anyone who knows abt this pls help me . I'd really like to move based on the main quest/story line in any game


  • bolsona#8757 bolsona Posts: 1 New User
    hellow I,m a new player of neverwinter and I have a ploblem in the any quest. the quest it,s bug and i not complete the mision
    neeed help
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