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Hello ,
I got the beta key to play Gigantic and I installed the game , but it did not load up for Me when I tried to play test it , dont know if the time just ran out or what , thought I had an extra day to beta test the game , it didnt even load up at all , I exited out of arc and back in like 3 times to see if the game would load up , nothing , today was the last day to beta test and I really wished to test the game out, dont know what the issue is or was , but when I install a game I expect to be able to play it


  • fingers#6548 fingers Posts: 2 New User
    edited July 2016
    Can't figure out how to post a question so I am leaving it here.

    So, I went to try and play GIGANTIC, but apparently the game conflicts with an IE security feature.

    I can assure you ARC that I haven't any intention of changing my security settings, but would like to know why your product conflicts with security settings on IE.

    What is it exactly that you guys are trying to do that would require players to lower or even disable security settings on their IE internet browser?
  • aydenbet#5224 aydenbet Posts: 1 New User
    edited August 2017
    hi, i got gigantic for free on steam, and made an ark account to play it, but when i try to sign into ark from my steam it says there was some kind of linking error, even when i enter the correct ark password it won't link my two accounts. :'( i know that i can just play it straight from ark but it is much more convenient just playing it on steam, but i can't.
  • keadron#3660 keadron Posts: 1 Arc User
    Please give the squishy supports some love!
    Griselma has been nerfed too much and now needs a little boost. Her portal beasts miss way too much again moving targets which is after they FINALLY realize there's an enemy.
    Xenobia poison upgrade isn't a competitive option. I realize it affects healing hence it's short duration, but 21 damage or 24 with both upgrades is bad. An enemy ranged hero can just stand there and ignore it as all it does is tickle. The damage of poison should be increased especially as you have a character that can do 50-100 poison damage per tick with longer durations (Ramsey)
  • When will Gigantic be coming to Aus?anyway, Who has any creature Ideas? With the new Oru patch,when you go to creatures in the store you see what looks to be a cactus Cyclops,thats what gave me the idea.I have one for the obelisk...
    Name: Molten Obelisk
    So it has 4500 hp,and its beam attack sets enemies on fire.while there is a power orb present,it has a beam attack.It will also create volcanos from the ground spitting out puddles of lava on the ground,setting enemies on fire (30s/5s)if they enter.
    it costs 2 focus to upgrade.
    Environmental Impact:Unbounded.
    Extra info:on death,create a volcano at its location that has 500 hp.
    I still winder why Obelisks cant be summoned in the practice range.Is it because power orbs dont spawn there?Idk.
    Description:"It came out of nowhere,and then just shooting out what looked like a laser." ~ Beckett
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