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Question regarding Arc and Starconflict

jokerjackiejokerjackie Posts: 1 Arc User
I noticed Arc's point system allows you to get ingame "vip" currencies for free if you put some effort into completing arc quests. I've also noticed that they have this system for every game I've seen on Arc except star conflict. Will star conflict ever be included? 5000 arc points aren't that easy to get, so it's not like people will stop buying galactic standards, but it would be a nice once-in-two-months thing to allow us to get a new paintjob on 1 ship or something. Also apologies if this was answered before, I looked over asked questions in a haste and didn't notice this one, if it's there my bad.


  • breadandcircusesbreadandcircuses Posts: 7 Arc User
    edited June 2016
    Star Conflict is odd compared to much the the rest of the Arc game library. For example, this isn't the actual Forum where you find information or get responses from Devs... that's over on their separate site at: http://forum.star-conflict.com/. It's a much more active game than it appears, it's just that the lack of interaction on the Arc end makes it look really dead.
    meimeitoo wrote: »
    I do not like Geko ether.
    So I know exactly why we're not being asked to pay to hear the voices.
  • coldnapalmcoldnapalm Posts: 3 Arc User
    edited October 2016
    Actually, the fact that I can't get a game started without stupid long waits makes me think this game is dead....

    Oh the fact that this game seems to be a beta release where you can only log in about 1% of the time....
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