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ARC quest really broken now

suzisinsuzisin Posts: 3 Arc User
One of my quests was finished and I din't get any XP from it.500XP out the window.Other quests won't progress.


  • madsbellamadsbella Posts: 1 Arc User
    same thing here..wasted 7 day quest 500 points lost
  • aduelxaduelx Posts: 1 Arc User
    Same for me. Logged into Arc and got a message that I had completed consecutive login quest. Went to Arc quests, the quest had gone and no points were awarded. Played the games for the remaining quests, but the counter didn't increase so impossible to progress them.
  • penatos1990penatos1990 Posts: 1 Arc User
    Same problem here counter not increase so impossible to progress...
  • corkkuscorkkus Posts: 1 Arc User
    > @suzisin said:
    > One of my quests was finished and I din't get any XP from it.500XP out the window.Other quests won't progress.

    Same thing just happen to me.
  • kemnimtarkaskemnimtarkas Posts: 1 Arc User
    suzisin said:

    One of my quests was finished and I din't get any XP from it.500XP out the window.Other quests won't progress.

    I was fortunate, in that my completed quest was only 100 points. But - same - it just vanished from the queue upon completion, w/o credit. And I can't appear to advance the other quests either.

    Also - has anyone else been having progressively harder issues getting the Arc Client to access the network? I'm finding over this weekend it's gotten much more spotty. Today I had to open/close 3 times before it finally 'latched on'.
  • pommyblokepommybloke Posts: 2 Arc User
    Similar problem for me, quests completing but not crediting (play blacklight retribution on 7 days - 500xp, and play star conflict - 40xp) but my other quests are progressing. Stuck at level 70 420/600xp.
  • suzisinsuzisin Posts: 3 Arc User
    Some how it straightens itself out,could do it in a day or could be longer.All lost points will register and quests will progress as normal
  • nunoespadinha#0711 nunoespadinha Posts: 3 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    I can't even login.. says that the server encountered an internal error.... anyone??​​
  • draconikdraconik Posts: 1 Arc User
    I just changed one of mine, came up "play STO for 7 days", logged out of arc, checked again for the login quest's and the STO one changed into "play neverwinter 2 days in a row"? Also have 2 login quest's for different days, haven't moved or logged any of the times? Any information would be appreiciated.
  • m1s3rlym1s3rly Posts: 3 Arc User
    I have the "logged into arc" quest and now twice it has reset the counter so despite logging in everyday the counter is now again back to one out of 6 ?
  • phenomenaut01phenomenaut01 Posts: 18 Arc User
    I've got two quests that won't progress any further. I thought it looked like they weren't progressing yesterday, but I wasn't paying attention to what the old number was, and I just tried to update them by playing the games for the quests...nothing. No progress marked. That means I've missed two days now - at least.

    Oddly, I started one new quest (by skipping one) and that one will allow me to progress for some reason. But now I've got two dead quests (both "play for 7 days" worth 500 points each) that are clogging up my advancement.
  • predconpredcon Posts: 131 Arc User
    I've got one that will progress to 3/4, but then the next day reverts back to 1/4
  • chahk42chahk42 Posts: 2 Arc User
    My "Play Star Trek Online on 7 different days" quest has been stuck on 2/7 for a week even though I play daily. Is there a point in having Arc installed any more?
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