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guys i keep dc from server

ixcaixca Posts: 1 Arc User
every 20 or 30 minutes I disconnected from server on the arc widnow and that make me disconected on swordsman online, since I double check the internet and it wasnt the problem, i start checking the game and on the window for arc, appers disconnected and say is the internet but is not, so it was to be with your servers or maybe something go wrong on the expantion of swordsman since that, i keep dc and dc.

so please guys let me a hand on this cos is a really hard to play if i have to log in every 20 minutes.


  • sylenthundersylenthunder Posts: 256 Community Moderator
    From the PWI support forum....

    This one should get you started on the right track for why you get high ping and disconnects, and some of the more common solutions.

    This one has some similar information, plus troubleshooting on some other possible causes. The bottom of the first post give the information I'll need you to post if you tried all the tips and are still having the issue.​​
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