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Error while updating.

xanmag625xanmag625 Posts: 1 Arc User
I'm getting an error while updating message after launching royal quest that prevents me from playing. Any suggestions?


  • enya#9604 enya Posts: 225 Community Moderator
    If you have Unable to connect to update server erroe message:

    Probably you need to setup your firewall (in case if installation program did not set it by unknown reason). It can be made with different ways (depends of your firewall and Windows account settings):

    - Completely turn off firewall at the time you are starting the Launcher.
    - Switch firewall to learning mode (windows will ask each time when new application is trying to connect to internet). You need to allow two applications: rqlauncher.exe and rqmain.exe. Please note it you are running the game in Full Screen mode you may not be able to see firewall warning dialog window. Switch the game to the window mode pressing the Alt+Enter.
    - Add rules for incoming and outbound traffic for rqlauncher.exe and rqmain.exe
    - Try to add Laucher files (rqlauncher.exe), (rqmain.exe) and (rqupdater.exe) as an exception in your antivirus / firewall.

    The game uses the following TCP port: 80, 8080, 4254. Please, make sure that it is open both for Windows and router.

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