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The End of Days

ladycraneladycrane Posts: 105 Community Moderator
edited October 2015 in General Discussion
I pouted on facebook, ate ice cream, whined and then ate more ice cream. I guess I'm ready to collect my thoughts.

January will be almost 7 years from closed beta testing for ESO. That isn't a bad run, especially for a game that only ever had 2 servers to begin with. I think most of us knew this day was coming. PWE let us linger for a good long while after the Chinese version was abandoned.

I have been a moderator for ESO since January 2009, before testing had even begun. At that time, PWI was the only game they had. Moderators and PWE staff came and gone over the years(Dvorak, Loonie, Ray, Shnuggles, Jamie, Crab and others) and eventually it was just me. I came and went a lot as well - I did CB tests for all of the newer PWE games that came out after ESO, as well as others.

But, ESO was always home. All the stubborn players that are family. That is why I always came back.

It was many years of entertainment and fun. I hate you all in pvp (cause I suck), but we had fun xD


  • nikolina21nikolina21 Posts: 62 Arc User
    I don't really understand why it's closing, why not just give game to someone else who'd take care of it? You're moderator, do something about it.
  • tylp777tylp777 Posts: 1 Arc User
    Wow never thought id see the day, but it's actually happening....sigh what a waste tho, this is probally the best mmo ive ever played, so much memories, friends and enemies made lol (FP serv) ill never forget...dont think ill ever play another pwi game again tho, they cant do anything right, damn shame, but then again all games like these have the same fate instored (unless you play WoW, wtf?? that shiz will never close lol) but shotout to my family all the peeps from Equinox alli!<3333 and some from Torment aswell, too strong for everyone else so they all quit? who knows, but this game was dead since oddysey came out, when you start hitting people for millions it aint fun anymore :/. But yeah ima log in frequently before they pull the plug, we got to all move to another game together!! lol i was thinking B&S but that game pulling pranks for a while now, so yeah hit me up ingame..the one and only Tylp.
  • amachan10amachan10 Posts: 15 Arc User
    Sad to see it go but things change and life goes on. I wish I had the money to buy the game and hire people to run it for me. I will miss a lot more than I already miss now but I have screen shots and vids to help me remember. and yea the best time was waaaaaaayyyy before Odyssey because people weren't paying much attention to other peoples real lives. For a long time to now theres hardly anything to do, we now use other players bad things for entertainment. and that started around when the big update came... and that update was definitely a mistake. oh wait but if we didnt have that big update we would complain with the lack of stuff to do and content. we got what we wanted and hated it since it ruined some of the uber POPULAR things to do in that game. I've been wondering all this time as to WHY THEY TOOK OUT THE SHYT THAT BROUGHT PLAYERS IN?!?! like geez lol if they didnt take 6VS6 and other daily quests you COMPLETE AS A TEAM 6 person party dailies then I'm pretty sure ESO would still have lots of players.
    Wheres the different color font option on editing my signature?
  • nikolina21nikolina21 Posts: 62 Arc User
    I totally agree with ama, just cause we got some new stuff doesn't mean they should take old fun stuff from us. Could just leave both.
  • ladycraneladycrane Posts: 105 Community Moderator
    I'm sure things were fixable, wanmei just didn't care at that point. They were terrible at fixing things in most of their games.

    Others have fixed some of these issues...just saying.

  • hustlemanhustleman Posts: 3 Arc User
    amachan10 said:

    I wish I had the money to buy the game and hire people to run it for me.

    If you have a "decent" computer, or can "afford" $50 a month, you could run this game. Quotations for obvious reasons, at least I hope obvious.
    ladycrane said:

    Others have fixed some of these issues...just saying.

    So which servers did you play on, or did you just visit them all as I did?
    tylp777 said:

    shotout to my family all the peeps from Equinox alli!

    If Equinox/Torment was the strongest, then how the mighty have fallen, though with no opponents...HA!

    As for B&S, if you don't like Tera and games like it, you won't like B&S most likely. If you want an actual Action MMO, the only one out there would be Vindictus. I've quit there for multiple reasons, one of which is Nexon being Nexon, but its the best out there hands down. Major downfall, besides Nexon of course, are that the raids that really test your skill don't start 'til Level 60, but that's true for Tera as well I suppose...
  • hellishswordmanhellishswordman Posts: 4 Arc User
    Sigh...I knew this day was approaching, I'm actually surprised it took this long since there hasn't been an update in months/years. i had stopped playing cuz of things going on in real life and when i came back after a long time there was no update. That's when i said to myself, oh oh. I can't believe the developers let this game die. This is actually my first MMO ever so it was always meant to be remembered by me, but that's not the only reason i will forever remember this game. about 6 1/2 years ago on one of those days i had nothing to do i was on an alt wondering the World Map dungeon areas with some friends, among these friends there was someone i hadn't really talked to before because she was a new recruit of our alliance. we started PM'ing and ended up talking outside the game. We decided to meet and one thing led to another and now we will be married 6 years in december this year. We have the most beautiful 3 year old, and my life wouldn't have taken off the way it did if it wasn't for this game. I also met a lot of other interesting people, some i still talk to thanks to Facebook. Wish the game could still be kept running even if it was by a different company, i wish i could tell my kids: "Look, this is the first MMO i ever played and it's where me and your mom met." Now i realize this will never happen and it saddens me more than i thought it would. Well take care guys, all my friends that made life so fun and all you enemies who kept things interesting :) . If anyone remembers my character from AR and was a friend of mine Krazyjp. look me up on facebook... facebook.com/krazyjp7 and we can continue to be friends, the world of ESO ending doesn't mean we should all cut ties with people who were in our lives for so long....

    Sorry for the long post, i just had too get all that off my chest before everyone was completely gone.
  • hellishswordmanhellishswordman Posts: 4 Arc User
    Also i miss those daily events that used to occur at 9am, 12pm, 3pm...Gathering fruits, getting drinks from the old men, colleting stones from the river and the star colleting. i can't remember if there was others, but those are the ones i remember the most.
  • dhotjaiiiidhotjaiiii Posts: 7 Arc User
    edited November 2015
    Krazyjp! Hows life and your baby?
  • jeeps001jeeps001 Posts: 4 Arc User
    Wow... I can't believe this game is coming to an end... So many great memories, and I just love the art style... All great things must come to an end I suppose
  • jeeps001jeeps001 Posts: 4 Arc User
    May I ask what server everyone plays on now? I have been server hopping and can't find anyone, I'd just like to meet some new people in this game's last moments
  • jeeps001jeeps001 Posts: 4 Arc User
    Or can we get like a week where we just all log into a single available community server to hangout, make friends one more time, and say goodbye to the manhours and cash we put into the game? Right now I tried, but it's barren, there's seriously no one to talk to, and I've been server-surfing for 2 hours

    It'd be nice to talk and play with other players once more before it's completely gone
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