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Roast huehuehue

exfranchiexfranchi Posts: 4 Arc User
Since the game is finally at its end.... why dont we do a roast on lew as a last hurrah... it'll be fun... atleast the last thing we could do as a community... to remember our lew... imma miss em


  • exfranchiexfranchi Posts: 4 Arc User
    couldnt think of anyone who deserves it more than lew since hes the most active mod we got
  • lewstelamon01lewstelamon01 Posts: 15,946 Arc User
    Well, I'm the only mod for about two years.....

  • justawitnessjustawitness Posts: 84 Arc User
    One time he tried to tell me "hey yo waifu don't post like that" and I said "I do what I want" and he said "infraction"

    Face piles of trials with smiles.
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