Goodbye RaiderZ, you were the best MMO

orion1001 Posts: 58 Arc User
This was the diamond amongst all MMOs that had the most potential to be great, but the ball was dropped on such a great opportunity.

Post your thoughts, memories, and feelings about the closure of RaiderZ.


  • ccord
    ccord Posts: 5 Arc User
    Not only the game was great. All those friends... The best community I've ever met... Even if Brunes was bugged, even if I live in europe (so my time zone is completely different than the others) I still love this game the most. How can they just shut it down... I hope that I will go to sleep and wake up just to see it all was just terrible nightmare but I know it's not true...
  • lewstelamon01
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    We have an official thread already for this.

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