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[Known Issue] Daily Membership Rewards

Spinning this off to it's own thread.

Some VIP members are not getting their Daily gold reward. We've had trouble reproducing this on our end but the current lead is users who are online at midnight (EST) when the server 'day' resets are the ones affected. Investigation is ongoing.


  • cruziercruzier Posts: 9
    Yea, I got affected
  • un0wkn1un0wkn1 Posts: 9
    edited September 2014
    I got membership and missd 2 daily rewards after colecting once
    Realy appreciate. If you guys can help me

    Please help

  • Hi, same here, on the 25th of Aug and today the 2nd September I did not receive my 100000 daily gold.
  • Please payme.. ign : xeintz
  • I don't recieve any daily gold or extra chest from being VIP... Hope this gets fixed before my 30 day membership expires...
  • VIP daily gold perse is unavailable on the same day weekly perks is awarded.
  • cruziercruzier Posts: 9
    edited September 2014
    Wtf dont get anything today. Pls fixed it. I pay for it!

    Please give us compensate about this. We pay member fo nothing then.
  • No daily purse and no second chest... than why i bought it?
    lv60 Magus  <3 Lv3x Priest
  • I am having this problem too even when i not logged

    IGN :Labbitbee
  • xubxub Posts: 30
    Wooooow, my comments got deleted as well as everyone else demanding the service we paid for justly.
  • miseriomiserio Posts: 8
    edited September 2014
    I think I missed 2 VIP rewards now. I normally get up before 6 during week. Which is 12 server time, so i quite often indeed log in just before the day change of the server time. I stopped doing this and do seem to be getting my VIP reward, but the daily login reward remains stuck on 1 day.
  • xubxub Posts: 30
    Didn't get any rewards today at all.
  • already post a bug report regarding vip daily rewards but today again i didnt get my reward.. it sucks coz we pay for it..
  • Still hapening plz help
  • Just Happened to me last night as well. Bought VIP yesterday, got first daily membership reward, today: nothing! 30 days of membership costs 300 reds.  That's 10 reds per day. Please refund my account. 
  • I had same problem earlier, but then I read somewhere that min logout needed time is 1h 10min...I logout 23:55 and login back 01:20 (server time) and now get all rewards. Hope this helps...

  • I can deal with not getting the other rewards because they're free. WE PAID FOR THIS! I find it unacceptable that this has been a known issue for over 1 month and has not been fixed. FIGURE IT OUT PLEASE!
  • I agree with smokingfools...please fix this asap
  • Im not getting  extra chest.. Bought with red 1200 red , not by recharge

  • tarwixtarwix Posts: 6
    Funny that devs still can't replicate error, and it's only that ppl that paid are a concern. I've had the daily login rewards problem since day 1, and my workaround is to be logged off between 9 pm and midnight Pacific time. While that doesn't also fix my Scout missions time being 3 hours too short, you'd think somebody would have realized there's a commonality...
  • Hmm I have never had a problem with the daily mem rewards only the normal log in rewards although it looks to be all fixed now :)
  • Same with no reward : Gaza
  • adriananicoleadriananicole Posts: 2
    edited October 2014
    This is the second time that i didnt get my VIP reward o.o please fix this asap

  • Yeah. I've had this as an ongoing issue too. Only when I'm online over the reset time. But in Australia, it's at a time that I'm playing, so it's extremely inconvenient to ensure I'm not playing at the moment it resets. 
  • This seems to be fixed now, thx. The only thing is, those of us who have lost daily/weekly membership rewards are still "out of pocket"... Is PW planning on reimbursing those players in some way? It would be a gesture of good will :)
  • Actually... It's not all fixed. I'm UTC+10 and rewards reset at 2pm here, BUT if I log in anytime between 2pm and 3pm, the rewards glitch. It goes back to 'day 1' and I lose the VIP rewards for the day. Basically I can't play from 2-3pm every day or I lose rewards. It's avoidable, but so frustrating. Are the devs planning on doing anything about this?
  • rawynnrawynn Posts: 42 Arc User
    test test test
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