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Welcome to Prime World!

strumslingerstrumslinger Posts: 551 Arc User
Arc's first MOBA!

Call me Andy (or Strum, or Spider-Man)!
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  • wilfnstein78wilfnstein78 Posts: 1 Arc User
    yay MOBA :) gj
  • spiers1988spiers1988 Posts: 1
    crappest game ever just like dota and LoL
  • tehbaryskitehbaryski Posts: 1
    Hate to say this, but this game is an utter dissapointment. When you clear every one of the minimum requirements, but still experience 7+ seconds of lag. Seriously, I'm used to 1-1.5 seconds of lag and 10fps, but this is ~10fps for 7+ seconds of lag. It isn't any longer a playable game, it's a movie I can click on because nothing I click means anything.

    Either revise the minimum requirements or take a look at the game's code.
  • ssbn655ssbn655 Posts: 8 Arc User
    Ugh awful game. Impossible to pick talent that you want to slot. Impossible to activate a talent on a target that you put reticle on but it sure as hell will activate on everything but what you want to hit. No information in turtorial what theb green arrow is about. Overall a miserable experience so far. I wish it had not crashed immeadiatly after floundering through the tutorial with random key and mouse clicks. Oh yeah no menu for customizing keyboard or mouse.
  • ssbn655ssbn655 Posts: 8 Arc User
    Oh yeah to bad about this game seriously with the fantastic job done with Neverwinter one has to wonder why did this game go south?
  • jharlisjharlis Posts: 1
    I like how there are only russian/ukranian players, who obviously don't speak a word of english :disappointed:
  • The same people responsible for Neverwinter did not make this game. This is a pickup from another company, played through the other company's servers. Games been around quite a few years now, arc just got permission to put it on their client which connects to the original peoples client (much like the steam version)
  • char4oschar4os Posts: 1 Arc User
    This game continues to crash. I have no idea what happened to the tutorial. Someone please help!
  • autoguardianasheautoguardianashe Posts: 2 New User
    I can now play the challenges, but Borderlands mode keeps crashing. I need Borderlands mode to do anything at this point, please fix it!
  • mats#8538 mats Posts: 17 Prime World Community Manager
    Hi. Thank you for this report. Unfortunately we had minor server issues on January 3rd. We immediately performed maintenance and solved the problem. Our servers are online.
  • dehrernoxdehrernox Posts: 1 New User
    I cant say anything about this game seeing as I was only able to play it once, after closing the game it continues to say failed to connect to server. I know its not an issue on my side seeing as I can play LoL fine, as well as several other games with no issues. So, until this game is fixed I will keep it deleted.
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