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starting star conflict

hi guys! i have already downloaded the game and the launcher but i still cant play. I keep on clicking the PLAY botton on the bottom right of the windows that opens up when you click on the game launcher.


  • drakenfyredrakenfyre Posts: 6,879 Community Moderator
    Are you trying to start the game through the ARC library?
    Swordsman Moderator, Forsaken World Moderator, Jade Dynasty Moderator
    I do not have the staff on speed dial
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  • Does the game actually exist? i have downloaded the kit and kaboodle. it get the music and the forum screens, and nothing else. It looked interesting on ARC but I have not seen the game itself at all.
  • aliskosanaliskosan Posts: 11 Arc User
    please address the technical support about this question.it should work. u may also leave this question on the forum of the game http://forum.star-conflict.com/
  • cestovatelkacestovatelka Posts: 1 Arc User
    Seems, another trash garbage manga game. What a waste of bandwidth. No support, Gaijin has next to nothing for it, & their links are dead or broken. Delete & look elsewhere!
  • its actually a very good game, When they can make it work!

    I've been locked out with login issues for a couple of days now which has given me opportunity to catch up with the other titles I'll continue to Play BECAUSE I CAN.
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