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Which faction did you choose?

strumslingerstrumslinger Posts: 551 Arc User
edited March 2015 in Star Conflict

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Which faction did you choose? 48 votes

danny3421tymek2001riftfoxxilotolawsomnx01doombot#2712darkvampirekittagrath#3121 8 votes
maxoverkillcomrademocostrumslingerkittieshauferiwishmasta2blazstublackwind04xarizavac0nd1t10nr3dfalious1sophlogimocammarnormantownenewbritscorpioathorxpslatiosalphax11advancefallencupid2002#5475qutrylcaptbongsmoke#0861 20 votes
dbenvansfuracinebrewmannhhuskowzajazulliaxilkronosiorpenitenziagitebrainszoomirrorchaoslaguwyrdfarngowellsmark9785vilestylemorbidtheorumgeoffgruk88phlonkydranationdsylxeiadarkthirst69 20 votes


  • Federation
    what? i'm the only jericho.. man you guys are suck.. I'm the last of my race.. wow
  • furacinefuracine Posts: 2
    After you make the 33 missions of your current faction, you can fly to another Hangar and complete the other factions missions, so it doesnt really matter what faction do you choose at the beginning (only in sector conquer).
  • Federation
    I just sent you a friend Invite ingame, Andy. If you start a corporation, count me in! Looking forward to seeing you and fighting at your side ingame! :)
  • Jericho
    Remember that the initial faction selection is only temporary. If you want to maximize voucher gain (contracts) to upgrade modules from Mk2 to Mk3, you will eventually have to change factions frequently.

    You can also purchase any ship of any faction, independent of your current faction affiliation.
  • mirrorchaosmirrorchaos Posts: 7,089 Arc User
    I picked Jericho, for no reason really.

    After playing 4 battles PvP and 1 PvE, it reeks of world of tanks, but in space on ships.
    T6 Miranda Hero Ship FTW.
    Been around since Dec 2010 on STO and bought LTS in Apr 2013 for STO.
  • comrademococomrademoco Posts: 592 Arc User
    Played for some time, some time ago... Not my favorite game, but I'll have to give it a new try.   :)
  • danny3421danny3421 Posts: 11 Arc User
    I don't mind what one. if any are free i will be with any side of this war. 
  • sophlogimosophlogimo Posts: 3,707 Arc User
    Federation, but I have found since then that the Empire's ships suit me better, as this seems to be a very "shoot first and win" type game, to me.
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