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Arc Patch Notes V1.1.0.12738

strumslingerstrumslinger Posts: 551 Arc User

Below you’ll find the latest patch notes for today’s V1.1.0.12738 release. Your Arc client should patch immediately after relaunching.

Patch V1.1.0.12738


  • Auto-scan Games Feature (Phase 1)
    • Arc will automatically populate your library with the following games that have been already installed in your computer in order for you to get updates on their respective social channels:
      • League of Legends 
      • Marvel Heroes 2015 
      • Aion 
      • Lord of the Rings Online 
      • Penguins! 
      • Bejeweled 
      • Plants vs. Zombies - Game of the Year 
      • World of Warcraft 
      • Runescape 
      • World of Tanks 
    • Auto-scanned games will not be added to the cloud library; only your local library.
    • We plan on adding additional phases where more games can be auto-scanned.
  • Cosmetic changes to the Arc Defender settings panel.
  • Translation updates and bug fixes for the Polish language.

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  • mementoxmorimementoxmori Posts: 2
    edited April 2015
      <3 umm where is our new BOI (battle of the immortals) forum :
  • danny3421danny3421 Posts: 11 Arc User
      <3 umm where is our new BOI (battle of the immortals) forum :
    They may add them at a later date, they are still transferring everyone over to these forums. And these thing take time for CM's and the admins to do :).
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