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Please bring back Swordsman Online.

dd2002dd2002 Posts: 1 Arc User
I will be honest here. I'm writing this out of my pure love for the game Swordsman Online and its mechanics and all the memories I made on it. But I do seriously believe that you could generate more money than you will lose if you bring back Swordsman Online. There were many players who spent (individually) thousands on the game. I believe if you bring back Swordsman Online only with two servers right now. You will have many players that would be willing to spend their money (Myself included) on this game. If you advertise it correctly you could find yourself with community ready to pour their money in. Don't focus on all the complaints just put events and fashion in the market and you'll bank out with crazy amounts of money. I know you guys still probably have ownership over the games franchise in the west. But then again I'm just hoping for the best. Thank you.
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