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getting a forced page load from arc that its arc or sto or any game site registered to cryptic

robertc1968robertc1968 Posts: 226 Arc User
edited April 1 in Bug Reports
hi there. clean install putting sto back on and getting this page loading in my browser when I am moving around arc. its not happening in chrome, firefox, brave etc.. just in arc (ie normal browsing has no popup's or page loading at all) which installed 3 minutes ago. its not causing me harm I can trap it. I wanted to report it. also if needed I can toss wireshark on this box and get you the exact process thats trying to force this domain load. the page is.

https://www . popcornvod . com/welcome.html?aff=4101&theme=0929&clickid=153639701071732261109&pub=153639701

and I've gotten it twice in the 5 minutes clicking on options in arc normally moving around the game section to pick games to reinstall.

first time this has happened since arc came out for me its been solid.

don't click on the url unless your NOT running flash or sandbox it. its a flash watch movies for free click install and tries to force a player into chrome, rosta ruck. the whois on the domain leads to a domainsbyproxy sinkhole, I know this is a one off but i just grabbed a clean copy of arc and installed it so wanted to report it and then do my analysis on it.
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