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"Aim" button not working on Ground

jeffreyj69jeffreyj69 Posts: 3 Arc User
The “x” button no longer allows one of my toons to “aim” when on the ground. It used to work, but stopped a while back. All my other toons are able to “aim”, but not Jeffro. I would have included a pic to show that I have chosen “aim” in my skilling, but this program only allows "Image URLs" so i did not know how to attach it. I checked the key binds and it says that “x” button still represents “aim”. When I press “x” key the icon for “aim” appears, then quickly disappears. If I hold the “x” key down and do not let it up, then the “aim” icon stays on my toon and I get the bonus, but I cannot hold the “x” button down the whole time during the game and still play properly since I need my fingers to do other things for the character. What can I do to fix this?
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