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Fix Arc so it does not charge us the money until it is approved, theft is a crime

crazicukicrazicuki Posts: 23 Arc User
So I try to purchase $20 for PWI and enter all my info, click submit and as soon as it says processing, it says cancelled...check purchase history I see nothing...okay I think to myself I will relog. I do, try again same thing. Ruh Roh Raggy!!!! Something is wrong here, never had a problem charging in the past. Check and double check all my Arc info to be sure it is updated, try a 3rd time, same thing. Because I know PWI and ARC all too well...I called and spoke with my bank and sure enough I had $60 in charges on hold out of my checking for these "cancelled transactions"...so now I cant charge and am out not $20 but since I made three different attempts....yup $60 USD and I got nada...no gold, no items, and no money now either. Support said it is because I didnt answer my name or address properly...3 times?!! So now we are to my point...if it IS my fault (which this should not be allowed to happen...that is the problem) can ARC not make sure all information entered is correct first...BEFORE any charges are even tried to be submitted or processed?! This needs to not happen to anyone else! I now must wait to pay other bills in order to avoid any overdrafts...and in doing so will likely get a late fee tacked on ...not to mention had I not thought to check my bank because of how long it took to even show the cancelled transactions in purchase history...I could have kept trying...or went out somewhere, or paid that bill...and spent more thinking everything was fine...ended up with how many other overdraft charges...at $30 bux a pop that kinda thing matters!! :'(
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