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ARC not finding installed Software since yesterday

wolfsrickwolfsrick Posts: 2 Arc User
And it happend again,
arc doesn't find the installed version of Forsaken game after the maintainance yesterday, and wants to reinstall.
It worked yesterday and basicly months before that.
arcrepair didn't work either.

It's really tyring, because it is not the first time and so senseless of an error.
Reinstalling the game has much more traffic costs then most of the gameplay combined.
Thats 10 GB a day, and I used to play 2 accounts on a 2GB Handyflat per month.
So it's a 5 month cost in traffic, you really would want to repair that!

Furthermore arc doesn't seem to support multi languaged games properly, as it needs to install another languaged version, whenever you change the language of arc.
Eg. some people (me) wanted to play Forsaken world in English while playing Startrek in german.
Due to the fact that the english version supported multiclients, and and some special features like mana-bot and Upgradeselektion the german did/does not. Yet you also needed the german version on the german server for having the proper words to be able to use the auktionhouse.
It should support diffrent versions from the beginning.
[Hint: both versions use the registry key: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\QtProject\PWRD\smdl
moreover since the DE is Version 6xx and EN 9xx the version numbers can lead to confusion as they did before]

Furthermore arc should recognise preinstalled versions that are not currently registered in arc.
Doesn't necessarily be automatic, but instead installing the software newly it should give an option to register an already installed version (e.g. read from the registry), install from a folder. Then we wouldn't have to completly install everything new each time an installement goes to shit!
And in multi computer households we could safe time and ressources by pushing the working folders from one computer to the other instead of long time downloading and installing.

The fact that neverwinter and startek didn't work under arc was finally the thing that keept me from playing those games from time to time at least for the arc quests. Basicly it nullified your attempts to get me playing multiple games.
If you force people using such a system as arc, than that should work at least properly...


  • shirogane9091shirogane9091 Posts: 1 Arc User
    bump. Same issue
  • karin#9143 karin Posts: 1 New User
    and i got same issue yesterday and im really angry about it
  • wolfsrickwolfsrick Posts: 2 Arc User
    Uh Today I have got the same problem again, and have to download and reinstall the complete 10 GB again... -hurray!
    At least I got both accounts on the same language after this - I hope...!
  • lordmalak1lordmalak1 Posts: 20 Arc User
    Installed ARC tonight, and it ate STO that I played 30 minutes ago. The standalone launcher now says it has to completely install the game. NICE APP doods !
    KBF Lord MalaK
    Awoken Dead
    Now shaddup about the queues, it's a BUG
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