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Missing Item/Reward

kentoshynkentoshyn Posts: 1 Arc User
Hi All.
Im playing PWI on Twillight Temple Server: Wild_Boy .
I hit the 20.000 points in the treasure key packs,
but i missing the Dull Zenith Skull reward of this packs.


  • pablo987#6468 pablo987 Posts: 1 New User
    Feeling so bad for you.
  • ackarustaackarusta Posts: 1 New User
    I was supposed to get the Twitch Prime Elite Intern Bundle for the Neverwinter game. I went through all the steps several times, waited for weeks, sent in a ticket to customer "help" who just told me to follow the steps I had already done a dozen times, went through the process 6-8 more times, waited a few more days, updated my ticket and got no further response. Is Arc Games a real company? Does it have actual employees, as in somebody that knows how to type on a computer? I have used Twitch Prime Loot on several other games without trouble, but here the silence is deafening. Anybody have any suggestions, other than uninstall Arc and file a fraud report with my credit card to get a chargeback/refund for the money they conned me out of already?
  • hared666#6453 hared666 Posts: 1 New User
    As I am a new user to posting in the forum, I am not allowed to start my own thread. I don't know who the "GM's" that answer the tickets for Neverwinter should lose that privilege. They are closing tickets without any help to resolving the problem.
  • tolegar#9253 tolegar Posts: 1 New User
    I gained the level 20 for my character and went to ship vendor. Clicked on the Heavy Cruiser, then the buy button and got the message I do not have a ship by that name. Name on the ship was invalidnamenotfound. Ask for help from the GM and he told me to look in my inventory. Ok, the ship is still not appearing in either my inventory, or my list of ships. This is a confirmation with you that this happened on 6/8/2019 at around 5am. Please investigate and see that I get my ship. One other thing I found another glitch when I tried to commission an officer to join the bridge crew. It was a engineer officer and there was a free crew space available at the time. When commission was clicked on and then clicking the ok button, the crewman disappeared and the free space no longer showed.
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