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Arc Platform Updating Issue.

terrek41terrek41 Posts: 1 Arc User
Either fix it so it updates the way it should, or stop putting out crappy patchs for it that need to be hotfixed right after they update the platform itself.

I reinstalled the arc platform yesterday, looks like a mistake. Because it seems more like its nothing but useless bloatware. Fresh install, went clean and smooth. Todays update however, it keeps crashing due to a unexpected error while downloading. Go figure. Its what, a 25749kb patch. It gets to 20kb and usually craps out, has been for the last half hour. So either fix your crappy downloading server issue, or fix the file so it doesn't crap out while its being downloaded. And fire the guy responsible for causing it, why.. because if he keeps screwing up, for a job he's paid to do, then he doesn't deserve the job for not doing it right.
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