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Is there a way to launch Star Conflict without Arc?

piesaregoodpiesaregood Posts: 1 Arc User
hi all, i was wondering if there was a way to start the game without using the arc launcher, every time it updates it screws my libary if i go to the game folder on my pc i can get around Arc with most of the games like STO and Neverwinter but not for SC, if there is a way around this please tell me i do like this game and am frustated by arc's interferance >:

if u use arc and press the play button nothing happens, if i go to SC game folder it has an error that i must be using arc to play, the game loads and goes well but then arc starts and the game crashes, if i try to close arc it says "Star Conflict" is running (when its not), the only way i found to close arc when it hit that part is though task manager

so very confused and need help
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