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Now in diarys quest have to use ur GS, "Strengthen the ties" Broker mission, kill 10 in pvp with "kinetic weapon", hello?
And, of course u CAN'T replace the quest for other than ALL can do
Feel like feeding some pockets.....
When u craft a destroyer (long way to do it) just recive 1 weapon and modules mostly usseles, for all the work to craft get sh*t, and that quest.....
Think more in players, all will apreciate, or at least don0t say is a "free to play",look's like but have to pay (all the trades with real money) and even diary quest, seems.


  • when u more play more, more u hate the game star conflic, the only think in $$$$$ and just f*ck the player, gl
    and bug repair,,,,, 1 week and still not fix many thing like language change, lot of lag in pvp (even if u play few players) ..... But sure have time to create events to get more $$$$ for they..............
    Never see a game that ALL trades requires real money, so st*upid idea, and when they mess smth never compensate the players so F*CK THIS GAME AND GAIJIN <3
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