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Patch 10.9.1 is online!

pwsasha#9402 pwsasha Posts: 4 Prime World Community Manager
edited June 2016 in Prime World

New hero Luna and lower requirements for using talents!

Lords and Ladies!

Patch 10.9.1 was installed on our game servers, charming hero Luna is ready do fight in honor of Praia! While we want to tell you more about the new update first.

New Hero!

The Adornian scholar, astrologer, and just a beautiful girl Luna has arrived in Praia! However, do not be fooled by her attractive appearance because Luna’s role is Slayer! But slaying her enemies is not the only use she has for the energy of the cosmos. Luna’s abilities make her allies on the battlefield much more mobile, an attribute usually reserved for Support heroes. Interested? You can read more about this new hero here.

Just like previous heroes, you can get Luna in three ways:

  1. Complete a seven-day quest chain. You will then be able to recruit Luna for 750,000 silver. The first quest in the chain is already available, and the last will appear on June 23rd. Once you have completed the last of the quests, you can spend the silver to recruit Luna right away.

  2. The normal way to recruit Luna (paying silver without completing a quest chain) will be available for all players from 25th castle level and higher starting on June 30th.

  3. Or hire Luna now for 299 gold.

With the release of this new hero, the price of S.Putnik has been reduced to 500,000 silver and 199 gold.

Lower hero level requirements for using exclusive and legendary talents

The requirements for heroes to use exclusive and legendary talents are now a little less demanding. Now exclusive talents can be used from the 1st level of the Hero and higher, and legendary talents, from 15th level and higher. These changes were made for two reasons:

  1. This restriction used to be justified since players with lots of playtime could just pump up a hero they just purchased with powerful talents and then play at a lower level against opponents without high-level talents. Now getting exclusive talents isn’t as hard as it once was, before the first orange set was introduced. The chance of getting oranges has been increased (remember that your first victory of the day will always get you at least one orange talent), and the forge produces two talents per one Prime crystal. So in general it is significantly easier now to put together a good build. Therefore, we wanted to give this opportunity to make a good build to our novices, who just recruited the hero.

  2. Beginning with update 10.8, matchmaking began to consider the Player’s Maximal Rating. For all intents and purposes, when playing with a newly-recruited hero, a player with a high maximum rating would be matched with players with a similar rating and similarly developed heroes. Together with matchmaking based on average power, this allows the requirements for talents to be relaxed, since in most games that result, players will be well-matched in average power and thus in skill.


  • Challenges mode is back!

  • Fixed a bug that caused the main building to deal no damage on the Outpost map.

  • Fixed a bug when after the Rampage ability activation, Tu’Rehu died, but the ability went on cooldown.

  • Balance Charm and Inspiring Hymn talents were reworked: Now when Max Health is increased, healing only occurs once – when the effect is applied. In other words, players cannot heal multiple times in a row by refreshing the effect.

  • Fixed a bug when cooldown time of the talent "Ritual Extermination" was not displayed when used on allied soldiers.

  • The Antifreeze effect is now also colored red when striking enemies.


  • Clan abbreviations are now always displayed correctly.

  • Fixed a display error that showed the clan list in the incorrect order on the All Clans tab and caused problems when searching for some clans.


  • Optimized the game and improved game stability. Among other fixes, fixed a bug that cause connection problems to be handled incorrectly when in the Castle, causing the “Internal Server Error” message.

How do you like these changes? Tell us your opinion in the comments below.

Your Prime World team

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