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T’aika — weapon of fate!

pwsasha#9402 pwsasha Posts: 4 Prime World Community Manager

New skin for the Hero Tu`Rehu with an animated portrait!


She always knew that she won't live like everyone else. There were to much fire in her eyes, her spirit was to strong. She was hunting after wild animals on a par with boys or men from her tribe since her childhood, she shouted in order frighten scavengers and had no equals in managing brass knuckles and "flying blades". Of course priests weren't satisfied with her behavior, but they didn’t forbidden her something.

They understood, the daughter of a leader should be strong.


Name of your spirit is T’aika, a weapon which was embedded in the arm. Weapon, which selects its owner by itself - Senior Priest wearily sank to the ground and put aside special sticks, with which he applied Prime drops to the girl’s skin, this was necessary for establishing the ritual. This dedication was supposed to be the most difficult one in his life.

Nobody even thought that namely this day and this hour will be a turning point in the girl’s fate.

A deep, dull roar filled up the cave. Stones and debris felt down from above and stalagmites, which people who were present at the initiation seized were covered with cracks.

With a loud roar half of the сave collapsed, cutting off the Priest and the girl from the rest.


With a shock wave T’aika was thrown on her knees, closer to the Prime source. Just a little bit, and... Blood from a long scratch on her arm, which was left by one of the fragments, has got in the Prime source. She saw, how her blood leaves a lot of repetitive spiral patterns on its surface. Sudden cramp caused her to stretch out on the stone floor, her hand slipped and almost entirely disappeared in the Prime source. At once she left consciousness, that has saved her from an unbearable pain.


She woke up at dawn. Prime hasn't rejected the beloved daughter.

Female Hero, the first in her tribe.

T’aika, weapon of fate.

Base Hero: Tu’Rehu

Features:: sex change, new voiceover, animated portrait

Price: 99 gold

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