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A real hero - not only his spirit, but in fact!

pwsasha#9402 pwsasha Posts: 4 Prime World Community Manager

Meet new skin for the Hero Freeze!


Since the ancient times the Docth`s observatory was considered a bastion of science. Scientists from all over the Praia came there, experimenters and people indifferent to the wonders of science. But after the first Cataclysm, the volcano Sacral that was located not so far from the observatory, has awakened after centuries of silence. Streams of lava, mixed with Prime, filled up approaches and the road to the building. Because of Prime impurities, lava couldn't cool down and all in all the road to the observatory has been forgotten.

However, the second Cataclysm and the Fog, which it has brought gave a second life and to  this building and to many scientific researches that weren't finished or were simply forgotten after so many years.

Scientists, researchers and curious travelers - many of them came to the observatory through the fog. All of them said that after long looking at the bubbling lava lake, if you're lucky you will be able to see a brave warrior, restraining its flow.

As the saying goes, the eruption has caught girls who were gathering herbs/flowers/stones at unawares. But a brave warrior has overshadowed them, giving as needed time to save themselves...But he remained in the flames forever.


A young girl with eyes of the color of fire. She first entered the fog, in order to reach the observatory and to thank to the warrior who saved her grandmother and gave her the opportunity to be born and to live.

Long she has stared at the lava bursts. Her lips moved silently - no one knew what she was talking with the warrior's spirit.


And at night the storm broke. Streams of water were everywhere, lightning were splitting the sky, the thunder came from one edge of the sky to another...It seemed that the two elements were fighting with each other at the foot of the observatory.

The next morning something unbelievable has happened. Out of lava flows to the path leading through the fog, came out a warrior. Warrior of onyx and fire.

Girls words gave him enough strength and he finally won a very long battle against the fire, he absorbed a greater part of the heat, which for decades threatened to burn down everything around it.

And he became a real hero - not only his spirit, but in fact.

Base Hero: Freeze

Features: new effects

Price: 49 gold

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