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New Guide Match Event

mats#8538 mats Posts: 17 Prime World Community Manager

New Guide Match Event, and an additional prize for the winners of the Guide Contest!

Lords and Ladies!

With the high participation in our guide contest we want to take this event a step further. Reading the guides you posted it becomes obvious that you are a true specialist on your hero. That is why we want to see you in action!

Take your hero to the Battlefield and fight the other specialists on their best hero:

Guide Match Event!

We want to give you the opportunity to show your brilliance and test it against the other contest participants. We would like to offer you to equip your heroes according to your guides. The battles will be recorded and we will publish these fights of experts on our official YouTube channel.

The prize pool for the event as well as the format will be decided according to the number of participants. So don’t hesitate to apply in the comments to this announcement on our forum or on Facebook - everyone is welcome! Be quick, we will only accept your apply until 00:00 UTC on Sunday, February 14th.

Here's the plan:

- The match will be hold on the weekend 20-21st of February.
- You can apply with a comment to this post.
- Please make sure to add if you favour Saturday or Sunday!
- Applications will be accepted till the end of Sunday, February 14th.

All authors whose guides are currently in the main section "Guides and Tactics" and were written before or after our current competition are also welcome to take part! With one important condition: Update your guides if needed!

Additional price for the winners of the Guides Contest!

There are more great news for you! Again due to your active participation, it was decided to add an additional prize for the winners of our Guide Contest. To be more specific, each of the participants, whose work shows enough quality to land in the "Suggested Guides" sub-forum, will get a special flag in the game in addition to the crystals!


Conditions: Write a useful guide, which will land in the "Suggested Guides" sub-forum.

The flag will be added to the game with one of the upcoming patches. The winners and authors, whose guides will land in the "Suggested guides" sub-forum will get this flag directly after its appearance in Prime World.

In addition, all authors whose guides are currently in the main section "Guides and Tactics" and were written before or after our current competition will receive the flag 2 weeks after it will be added to the game.

There are only 5 days left till the end of the Guide Contest! Hurry up, legendary talents are waiting for the winners!

Prime World Team
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