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Take part in our 2nd survey!

mats#8538 mats Posts: 17 Prime World Community Manager

Warriors of Praia!

As we announced last week we will host a second survey. With the high participation in our first survey we are excited for your opinions after a few months have passed and quite a few changes were made.

Therefore we prepared a new extensive survey to gather your valuable feedback. While working with your answers to this survey we will have the possibility to evaluate how your opinion changed over the time we implemented the changes you requested. After analyzing your feedback we will forward it to the developers, directly influencing the future of Prime World.

We highly value the opinions of our european and american players whether you are currently active on our forums or just following the game. No matter if you’re perfectly fine with the state of our game, or you don’t fully agree with the direction the game is taking - everyone is welcome!

In addition to that we have also planned a reward for taking part in our survey. Once we reach 500 entries in our survey we will give away a gold code to the community.

Players of Prime World! This is your chance to let your voice be heard and influence our project with your own thoughts!

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