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Patch 10.7 is online

mats#8538 mats Posts: 17 Prime World Community Manager
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Dear Lords and Ladies!

Update 10.7 is complete and the game servers are online! This update brings you a new set of legendary talents, hero rebalancing, and much more.

New Talent Set

As we announced recently, a new set of red talents has been added: Legendmakers. This set has 6 subsets, each containing one active talent and several supporting talents. The player can choose whatever combination suits his and his hero’s playing style. But these talents can only be strengthened with two support talents! After that, attempts to strengthen them won’t work.

Battle «Ecstasy Set»

The inspiration for Battle Ecstasy was, as you can guess, Flowing Fury. The goal was to bring the mechanic up-to-date with the new aggressive gameplay. We hope that the new «scorcher» will be to your liking.

This Sub-set unites the variance of the «Chance's Edge» sub-set with the ability to be activated at any moment, which it inherits from the«Breath of Life» set.

Decisive Charge Set

This is the most dynamic sub-set. «Blink», albeit over short distance, is now available to any Hero. We hope that this adds more dynamic to the gameplay, however it should be used carefully — the cooldown is a whopping two and a half minutes.

Deathtouch Set

In essence, «Deathtouch» is an empowered substitute for «Icy Power» and «Collapse of Defense». Picking both, however, won't be possible, since here too one is limited to three improvements.

A new "cookie!"

Breath of Life, commonly called "cookie" finally has an older brother! Note that Taste of Life is an exclusive talent but isn’t a part of any sets. It belongs to the battle group comprised of unique (purple) talents, which means it’s subject to that group’s 15-second global cooldown.

Holiday Skins

New holiday skins have come to Praia. Come check them out!

The long awaited skin for the hero Freeze was added to the game on a permanent base.
Base hero: Freeze
Features: New voiceover
Price: 69 Gold

More festive Skins! Meet Pixie!
Base hero: Fay/Fairy Queen
Features: New voiceover
Price: 29 Gold

Plus, the well-known skins from earlier have returned:
Base hero: Maiden/Nymph
Features: New voiceover, new animation of the ability «Bewitch»
Price: 19 Gold

Frost Magician
Base hero: Mage/Sorcerer
Features: New voiceover, new attack animation
Price: 19 Gold

Merry Scout
Base hero: Marksman/Hunter
Features: New voiceover, new animation of the ability «Enchanted Arrow»
Price: 19 Gold

Base hero: Healer/Priestess
Features: New voiceover
Price: 19 Gold

Hero Changes


One of the goals of update 10.6 was to make the game more complicated for assassins and gankers, but this distanced Nox too much from her role as assassin.
To make Nox competitive again, both of her builds have been slightly strengthened.


Amazon is still very strong in the late game, but in the early game the current aggressive strategies can easily make her life unbearable.
To increase her survivability in the early game and her mobility in the late game, her Redeploy talent has been significantly improved.


Like Amazon, Demonologist is very strong in the late game.
That is why we decided to improve his control talents, giving him more opportunity to show his full potential in today’s aggressive gameplay environment.

After 10.6 was released, Shogun’s Strength build became quite strong.

The worst effect was that, thanks to a simpler passive class ability stack, Shogun’s Stamina build became quite worthless. So some plusses of his Strength build have been moved to Stamina instead. Shogun’s survivability still depends mostly on his Strength, but a Stamina build Shogun will now be more useful to his team than previously.

Changes in the game mode schedule

The new tournament replaced some game modes. There fore the schedule also had to be adapted. In addition, the Apocalypse mod will not be available during the Christmas and New Year holidays. The zombies won't ruin our joyful festivities under any circumstances!


Winter Borderlands map!
The Health and Energy bars of selected soldiers are now highlighted.

On top of all this we fixed several bugs.
Detailed information about our new patch can be found here:
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