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New Community Management!

mats#8538 mats Posts: 17 Prime World Community Manager

Hello everyone!
In this thread we would like to intruduce the new community management that Nival recently hired.
You can ask us any question in English, German and French.
Our goal is to expand the european community and create new and fun events for you.
Since Helloween is just around the corner we are going to have a contest where you can win big prizes.

On top of that, whether you already played the game or just found out about it, we would like to ask
for your opinion and feedback so we can improve wherever it might be necessary.

I will start with with introductions.
My name is Mats and I'm looking forward to get to know all of you.
For Mobas, I'm a long time LoL player and was pleasently suprised about the additional features Prime World offers.
Besides the community management I will also help out with the support.

So if you have any questions, about the game, a problem, or myself go ahead and ask.



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