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Where to buy game Gold?

forcemajeureforcemajeure Posts: 111 Arc User
Signed up through Arc - but apparently in-game I can't buy gold, can't seem to buy it on Arc either. The website linked in the game says 'buy through Steam, Facebook, or e-mail'. Not sure how that works, any FAQ/tips/how-to?


  • forcemajeureforcemajeure Posts: 111 Arc User
    (Note: can't seem to edit, so have to reply)

    Their website en.playpw.com has a 'Login through your Facebook or Steam account' option. If you guys are going to offer it through Arc you should probably set up a 'Login through Arc/Purchase gold through Arc' option.
  • vendoodvendood Posts: 5 Arc User
    Update: The in-game 'Gold' icon now brings up the ARC 'Charge' screen for buying gold. I haven't tried it yet, but the ARC support team says it works, you hit the icon, Charge the Zen, indicate the game (and server) you are buying for, and there's your gold. Will update if/when I try it for reals.
  • vendoodvendood Posts: 5 Arc User
    Clicked gold icon in-game, ARC 'Charge Zen' window popped up, selected $10, Prime World, All Servers, PayPal, did the PayPal login/confirm, pop! Purchase successful, gold appeared in-game before I finished reading the various confirms.
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