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weekend off :D

kalsimerokalsimero Posts: 1 Arc User
Hello lovely fellows of the great virtual world... well i guess that in this case many of us have been expecting to know wtf is going on whit the server in the case of so many people who spend huge amounts of money (like i stupidly do xD) so it could not be fair enough for us to just be trying to get connected to the server instead there is no freaking information about nor even an excuse but well that is all part of the game so there is nothing to do just sit your ass to the desk chair an expect to keep enjoying the real world outside which i found so bored whit no magic powers neither epic monsters to fight (there are still fire guns to fight on the street D:) but anyways it should be cool to at least know something about the admins and let us know how long it will take this game whit jinxsaw behind the server pc having fun while we check into the game one and again. If someone have any idea about any other good game let me know just in case i am downloading some funny thing on steam which it is taking me at least 3 days whit my over corrupted internet service (aba cantv). anyway i hope all of you are having lots of love and peace.

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