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The fate of War of the Immortals?

What will become of this game? the game has no content or any expansion added in the past few years and currently the server population is non-existent. will the developers add something truly amazing the bring the players back or will the game finally be shut down?


  • chiobubrabrachiobubrabra Posts: 121 Arc User
    They just added new expansion like 2 mths ago... The thing is expansion released quite slow comparing to Chinese server.
    Just got stuck in an endless spiral of ______.
  • kasdfdjj#4619 kasdfdjj Posts: 18 Arc User

    They just added new expansion like 2 mths ago... The thing is expansion released quite slow comparing to Chinese server.

    And everyone left the game :D It's just dead, 5-6 vend pages of useless stuff, that's it
    What's that?!
  • hilandrhilandr Posts: 208 Arc User
    Let's not forget that the new stuff came with no clue how they work or how to get the items or quests and half the events with all the cross server events broken or not working.......for the extra year they put into the expansion, you'd never know it.

    Thanks for being consistent with...even when you win with this game, you really don't.

  • chiobubrabrachiobubrabra Posts: 121 Arc User
    edited November 2017
    I am pretty sure when hover over tips, it shows you how. If not, my album should Click Here
    If you still don't catch my explanation, Here are all official links u can google translate
    Beside, one look you can already see how desperate they are trying to get players by putting lv7 gem on charge reward.
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    Just got stuck in an endless spiral of ______.
  • hilandrhilandr Posts: 208 Arc User
    Is this when I can point out that Midgard hasnt seen a charge/spend reward offer since August 31??
  • kasdfdjj#4619 kasdfdjj Posts: 18 Arc User
    hilandr said:

    Is this when I can point out that Midgard hasnt seen a charge/spend reward offer since August 31??

    black friday is soon
    What's that?!
  • hilandrhilandr Posts: 208 Arc User
    Hope so, but if they fk that up we will all know this game is dead.....odds: coin flip
  • nexurulernexuruler Posts: 18 Arc User
    it looks like the game is dead. perfectworld killed them selves in the end. to bad.

  • kasumi19kasumi19 Posts: 335 Arc User
    No No No you got it all wrong PWI did not kill the Game it was Baron leader Thaigo that kill it get your facts right

    2014 tombstone quit becouse someone was cheating an Hacking the game so much an many figger pointed at LoyalKnight Legion but baron was OK with there hacking the game ...So many quit the game feed up with it

    @017 time Bug pops up an LoyalKnight Vemptress alt Udied Hack the game so much using the time traveling Bug ..=Piss me off as my Zen became worthless fast Why buy zen for it some players use the time Bug alot next game has heaps in store ...


    Now Thaigo has now started a new all out War this war could truely end the game once an for all ...

    Thug Thaigo using alt legion with one member in them an low lvl to outbid my attack again loyalKnight wipe them out on TW map all together i so fucking feed up now ....Allso the Legion Bug has come back again ...Cousing major problem with my factions ...An seeing member who not even in the legion but from other legions ...


    To Fix the many Problem we are facing this is a major option an only Thaigo can fix it ....

    Firstly we need new players to come play again an some will spend zen on the game ...I get to how this is going to happen ..

    CobraZ ( ruler Thaigo ) need to open the TW map up like on gala many legion fighting for land not just Baron holding 30 Lands as 130 k player again a 50 k player seen a little mis match an kill new players off


    Now to FIX the problem we need NEW PLAYERS ...

    At my Cost 1,600 US$ 8 week worth of Ads on 2 sites both are top rank MMO Gamming sites ..I had a nice friendly chat to the owner without losing it .Be truthfull he a old enemy to me on another GAME anyhow i can place 2 Video up

    Front page Links One showing the a line up of Legion members an other legion who are playing the game ...3 mins long

    Second video will show Legion members have a allout fight with other legion member an some clip Add in ...


    Place a YouTube Video up that has a cost to it ...as a AD on Youtube ..I willl happy pay for it

    I spend more on a new sadlle then many spend on gamming in a year I like the game alot ..Inc New gammer pc system inc

    I have gavin thaigo 2 weeks an he has till sataday game time to choose ...

    As if he say no way then ..I be looking at heading to a new game i soon be playing ..an mouse control ..

    I just so feed up now i doing less an less events now i am so bored as at lvl 130 + 5 50 k power AN fighting a powerfull Legion an can not do new event as so.lo them is to flipping hard

    Best i go to a new game an start out fresh an spend an surport that game an exit PWi all together an Many in my faction likely end up joining me at 73 players it be going to hurt this game alot

    Yours Kasumi
  • aloneintdarkaloneintdark Posts: 5 Arc User
    please developers ,just give compensation zen, send pple to other game and shut down the servers please XD
  • chiobubrabrachiobubrabra Posts: 121 Arc User
    As for now, still playable for those that are high level and strong in game. You should already being exposed to what the new expansion can make the game playable. If you haven't go search the posts.

    Problem : What is missing are new players and the resources for new players to catch up with the older players.

    Solution : What they need is to open three more other new servers, specifically for each region(West, EU, East). New servers with high EXP and DROP Rate, fast enough for them to catch up at least to lv5-6 gems within 3-6 months and then merge it to the older servers.

    Pros: Start afresh. Separate environment for new players. More players when merging of servers. Able to catch up with old server players.

    Cons: Old players might whine, but again, old players are still way ahead, in terms of feats, quests etc.

    If they are smart, they should make an option to sell characters back to PW, in exchange for zen which they can use them to start on a new/different servers or other games if they decided to quit or try new games.

    Just got stuck in an endless spiral of ______.
  • kasumi19kasumi19 Posts: 335 Arc User
    Today the game is DEAD again Thaigo use a alt legion to out bid me in TW once again an there just a lvl 107 in that legion one player only ...We can not attack baron as he will walk over use ...Later to day i going to gave xmas gift out in Zen use up wot i have left A .TO THAIGO BARON U NOW RUIN THE GAME PLAY FOR GOOD ,,,...Only store that sellig item belong to Thaigo Legion member an yes low lvl players can not fine gear an item i get ask alot of i got a pet to gave a new player an soul gear for a lvl 90 ...

    I feel Bad for Gala as well wot has happen on the server i play allso Hurting the other 2 servers as well we need new players badly but as long as we got a thug who 145,000 power an his 2 close friend each over 110,000 power rest of use have no show at all

    Even i lost lvl below 128 who quit an never came back as thay can not get item an there no one selling any zen any more

    There allso gold problems as well

    I perfer not to sell Zen in the Zen Market place as Thaigo an his Thugs buy it all up fast

    I perfer player to contact me an i buy the item for them an then thay pay me in gold ....8 /m per 100 zen ...Of much less




    Looking at a Katana Later today took 5 month to craft it Ask price is US $ 35,000 If u into a good investment this be worth alot more in 10-20 years from now ..

    Yours kasumi Suzuki

  • radiagaradiaga Posts: 66 Arc User
    My advice - do not be so serious about this :)

    Someone "owns" your server... so what?
    I think the only problem with this is that "someone" is not you, right?
    On Gaia all TW are owned by two legions - Devilz and Core - good for them.
    What would be different if each TW would be owned by another legion - and none of them would be yours - same story really...
    So they have access to all bonuses - and again - who cares?
    Every week I put a flag into a territory - and no-one can outbid me :)
    That's the beauty of using insurrection - I am getting exploits every week :)
    When I reach Grand Duke - I will stop thinking about TW at all - but this will take couple of years probably...

    Stop thinking about how other people play the game - and play it your way - no-one can ever take this from you.
    And if you just cannot stand to be the second, third or fourth - use the old saying: "if you cannot fight them - join them".

    Yes, you are correct - being the most powerful on the server and still using a tricks to avoid challenge is low and pathetic... Proves that the person doing this has some serious mental/personality issues...
    But if he is happy with himself - there is nothing you can do about this.
    Well... you can always report misconduct to PWI... from what I read above - this qualifies as abuse of the game - so why cry about it here when there are tools to fight it?
    Not everyone saw / remember Spiderman with his motto "with great power comes great responsibility" - or some people just do not agree with this at all... well it is their choice - they have full right to do so.
    Again - this is about other people. Why you are making this "your" problem?


    Talking about the game...

    Well... I do not believe there is much what can be done. WOI main characteristics is the fact that it is a XXXL-long-term-project :) New people coming here do not realise that to achieve anything you need to do over and over, every day, every week, every month... for several years. When they realise it - they are running away to typical games having 100-150 hours of game play (I believe this is standard those days) - I am guessing that WOI has something around 10,000 hours of game play instead :)

    People who will enjoy such challenge - again I am just guessing - are maybe 1% of gamers population?
    So we are doomed to have small number of players - it is just a fact.

    On chinese servers they are trying to change this - making the gameplay much faster... Wile it was funny for the first time - being able to reach crafting lvl60 within a month or two - it is really changing the whole concept of the game... And for those 1% of gamers I mention above - it is making the game less interesting...
    But probably it is better for the company/profit to loose this 1% and get attention of 99% instead... sad but true.

    I hope that we will not get those changes anytime soon - so I will reach lvl60 of handicraft/arms using current rules :) (alchemy I got already).

    Telling the truth I do more enjoy playing now than 5 years ago. There were too many people then, too many distractions, fighting over everything. It was hardly possible to get into red maps - as pvp idiots were killing you right away...
    I started again, over a year ago, and I have very good experience this time.
    Sure, I put few people into black list, but I met quite a few who were friendly and helpful.

    And those poor souls starting conversation with "the game is dead"...
    Come on - the only thing you can do is to laugh at them / pity them - because the real thing they are saying is: "I just cannot understand what this game is about, I need to hold hand of someone who will show me everything - and here I am on my own - I am scared..."
    Well - good for them - my answer is: "go play pokemon instead" :)
  • kasumi19kasumi19 Posts: 335 Arc User
    wot is Pokeman u mean poker online No Thanks ..I just started my new game today after i learn Vemptress gave her acc an other alt of her to a Ally member so now there less players on now .So starting something new could be the answer ..Climbing the Laddle as we all on the same footing

  • chiobubrabrachiobubrabra Posts: 121 Arc User
    Agree about what you said about this game. I think they really need to increase exp/drop rate to compensate for now. Many players who played for years are still stuck with legendary gears or even soul gears. I mean deity gear is like a must have for every single player but making the drop so rare, its no wonder why many players left.

    Speaking of that, every expansion before this recent one just widen the gap between old and new players. As we seen on the China side, the upcoming few expansions will start to work towards lesser time spend and easier entrance for new players.

    The only question now is, "How long more will players have to wait again till PW decide to release the rest expansions?"
    Just got stuck in an endless spiral of ______.
  • hilandrhilandr Posts: 208 Arc User
    ....Was just announced in the news this morning. Jan 9th demise of the servers......Enjoyed the game but it needs to improve or die......now we know what they picked.

  • kasumi19kasumi19 Posts: 335 Arc User
    Jade look emtpy ,,, so look at forsaken that as Boring as hell , 2009 i play perfectworld in asia until PWI pop up ...So likely be PERFECTWORLD PWI WEST Olympus for me

    I allso see thay going to refund zen from Sept 1th How nice of them be a great kick start for me an other zenner alot ..As i love Fantasy game not this shooting the gun sh it thay put up in game .....Perfectworld never had that kind of Rubbish ....So Legion DRUC will be going there

    Until i sort out my other IDEA ....Private server problem with them apart from the VIRUS u get when u download it ...When u buy Zenner from them thay have your Visa detail an can take ( steal ) more without u knowing until u get a Bank Statement an could be to late

    My Idea if i can get it going i run it bye Stream Safer for players to Buy zen allso kill the High Prices as well ...The work i do for a living i have access to a Server in Aussie ...Place the game there an run it from Aussie ...

    Thats my Idea ...

    Till then merry xmas to all an have a great Xmas ....An these who be down in HELL watch out i be shooting fire up your ? An for thaigo who ruin the game for use all THANKS for that ...An Thank you heaps for saving me alot on wasting my money on PWI

    As i now lost trust in perfectworld ...Playing any more game of there knowing thay could axe it any time thay want to i will never again buy Zen of trading ...

    Yours kasumi
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