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Olympus Event ...Monday end Friday

kasumi19kasumi19 Posts: 335 Arc User
I getting a little bored lately

Invites go out to Ally Legion an Friends

Baron as we have ex baron in the ranks
Montage Good friend in leadership ....
Druc legion
an lesbian legion

Loyal Knight u ban
All the rest u all ban as well

So rules are simple as well .. as we all play that silly Lotto in legion ...

So all u need to do is be below my score i will Post up on here in a photo

I mean the player who under me not 2th 3th place under my score so if i am in 15 spot u need to be in 16 spot
If it happen then more then 2 then the prizes be share out ..On each sex ...

Now Prizes be Gold we all love gold ...20 million for the male an 30 million plus a gift from the market place as we all know it cost a female more to play this game

I will place a legion member in your legion just to check the score then u can kick her out after checking as cheating could happen ....If the legion refuse to let the judge in then the legion is ban for all event ever done again .

We should only let players below lvl 110 to enter as many player below that fine it hard to fine gold on the game but everyone can take part in it how ever if above player disn't want the prizes next player under her/him get it

if any of the above u disagree with u are ban from taking part ....

Prizes is award bye leader to Druc Legion ....best of luck ...


Later Event best Player on game award single prizes
Most Dislike player on the game ( vemptress ) u ban for entering


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