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Olympus Server Is alive an doing well

kasumi19kasumi19 Posts: 335 Arc User
Legion Druculy 11255 Is very much alive now with 42 Players playing the game not Counting the alt some players have Allso Now we have form a Second legion ...LesbianGirls 11782 It new

So the server is alive once more with other legions growing as well

As for the 3 powerhouses on the game if thay kick out the players who havn't play for more then 3 months thay likely have 10 of less players in them ..Montage is dead maybe 1 player left in it

Dukes legion is strong at it top ranks just 3 players

So in a few weeks time we will attack ..Enter TW War An retake some of the map

As for baron an with 3 mega powerfull players in it we do not have a show again them as thay over 120 k power plus

Store wise some time in time Zones u log in there heaps of stores selling goods

Party wise ...If u at war with use then u likely be playing solo As Baron players seen to be dumb in the head as attack Druculy Legion thay will have a hard time selling there goods an partying upas we grow strong allso some baron players have join the ranks in this legion as thay need items to upgrade ..

So if u like to join use you most welcome ...

Great Friendly players an some higher lvl will help u out if thay can

Begging will not get u anywhere at all an likely u be remove from the Legion fast ..

So u be alone on the game ...

Killing players if u want to do that go for it as i love a good laugh ..

To Henry (( Baron )) most powerfull player around let talks soon

yours Kasumi


  • godfather93godfather93 Posts: 3 Arc User
    Just quit the game already, your posts are boring and you're illiterate.
  • chiobubrabrachiobubrabra Posts: 121 Arc User
    edited August 2017
    Can't do this anymore. This game can't be updated. Unless arc buy the source code, we can never get new update.
    Just got stuck in an endless spiral of ______.
  • hilandrhilandr Posts: 208 Arc User
    I'm to the point that I think they are trying to get players to leave.
  • chiobubrabrachiobubrabra Posts: 121 Arc User
    They are scaring me....... They are posting rewards like update is coming
    Just got stuck in an endless spiral of ______.
  • hilandrhilandr Posts: 208 Arc User
    I'm not seeing it. If you scroll through past news updates they are just recycling through the rewards from the past.
  • chiobubrabrachiobubrabra Posts: 121 Arc User
    double flash charge followed by flash spend in just 1 day after another is just so.....
    Just got stuck in an endless spiral of ______.
  • hilandrhilandr Posts: 208 Arc User
    edited August 2017
    id love to be positive, but......if you go and look past stuff, usually spend and charge are released at the same time. Id be fine for them to drop another expansion but im not seeing it at a Midgard server at level 1 these days.

  • chiobubrabrachiobubrabra Posts: 121 Arc User
    Forget what I said man. I gave up too.
    Just got stuck in an endless spiral of ______.
  • hilandrhilandr Posts: 208 Arc User
    Its cool....Lean to the negative...that way you are either correct, or pleasantly surprised...

  • kasumi19kasumi19 Posts: 335 Arc User
    Hey i do play another game ...that more costly then this one An i feed up on there as the updates commingout fast an takes me ages to download a flipping up date .As for this one a few hanging in there ..Legion i am in alive an kicking now the second legion has started as now everyone playing in the first one 46 strong an 9 in the second legion .An some do spend abit as well one player i think money grows on trees to him .Allso the shops an wjot players are selling it kool as well apart from prices going up an Pets prices going Nuts ..

    Japan internet sucks mega time ...

    Allso did u know this server is base in London as well PWI no longer base in USA ..

    An judging bye the other 3 englishh servers thay getting update an in english Hime ex Member to tombstone is lvl 150 on there an wow love that armour I c china got a english patch out as well ..

    Maybe PWI should have a Chinese server an english patch an right up todate as well

    Anyhow i not spending another dime on this game an perfectworld London again ...

    I perfer to spend it on horses feed
  • chiobubrabrachiobubrabra Posts: 121 Arc User
    I can be negative. They simply don't have the patch either. Or I can be positive, they have the patch but they are just giving old players time and advantages to power up because new patch easily give drop lv5 and 6 gems. But I think I am with you Hil. I've been on the positive side for too long, time to lean to the negative side.
    As for Kasumi, are u saying about the private server? If so, I am on destruction but quite dead too cuz most players are now on mortal. Anyway, if you have 49 ppl in your server maybe you should play on, but for me on migard, my friendlist even goldmist and dae went offline.
    Just got stuck in an endless spiral of ______.
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