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OLYMPUS REALM 4 WholeSale Shops

kasumi19kasumi19 Posts: 335 Arc User
Over the years i have collect crafting item an armour fill up a few alts now ..So i be opening a Store up on REALM 4 only for couple hours after i done my events

Whot in this one store ( NAME BE WholeSale Store )))

Item u can buy an resell at a nice profit an u mite end up seeing a main of mine buying it back how crazy is that U win i lose

Crafting items Likely be cheap
Items i crafting at COST
Armour an there heaps spread across the alts
Awaking Stone yes i been buying up mega bulk ..But be selling only a few at a time so other player can pop in an buy ... As there Greedy players

Stardust i usly buy these from vemptress at her selling prices but i will resell at a lost

Many other kool items as well

Pets allso an odd one could be a very powerfull one so when the store up buzz me whot have a got for sale u could get lucky an get it free an some items to help u out

Newbies I am happy to help u out in a way care less if u join the enemy legion join baron i care less but i am still happy to help u out if u below lvl 80

Sharron allways help newbie players out an when she past away to gamming heaven i carry on doing the same thing She was in tombStone she was so nice an happy to chat on the phone as well ..

I do miss her long chats on the phone ..

I even send her MUM some Money for the GraveStone ..

So anyhow i doing my bit to keep this server alive an kicking ..Gold is Hard to come bye now ..\\

Yours kasumi

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