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Sending in a ticket is a total waste of time

kasumi19kasumi19 Posts: 335 Arc User
As who ever read them maybe can not understand any english so maybe i mite try Japanese later on see what happen then ..

I have ask an ask an ask an ask an ask for Market place to change month aftyer month same shit

I now gaven up as whot i get back not ecven worth reading now PWI disn't care one bit whot we got to say


Just past few days i told these on my other game about PWI ...I was info just stick to playing japanese an Chinese mmo Games as PWI Western care less ...As a Admin there i love helping so much an i get up todate info whot about to come in next update an thy do fix the bug within couple weeks ..

Here 5 years down the road yep not a thing get fix still crash alot problem logging in now thay ask for your info an then Blame it on your system even if your Gammer is far better then anything thay got ...Few Players have a system like i have I have 8 x ddr4 16 GB install an video kinda sucks but was info it comming yer right 16 gb slow ...I love Solid State drive now thay out of date next gen is here now as for CPU on board have 4 Intel ...Even my server need to be replace soon ..

I use my system for work alot allso autocad install ..

So telling this lot i got problem logging in what a joke i gave up

Yours kasumi ....I so love Japanese MMO games alot


  • eseliieselii Posts: 152 Arc User
    edited April 2017
    Never had problems to log in or something and play since open beta. Just when server crashed. What happened rly not often.

    Sometimes got lag but was just me and not others. Sometimes others got lag but not me. In the end server are running rly well and that's not the problem. Main problems come with connection route from your inet to server, if just you have problems to log in. Btw what have the qlty of your pc to do with log in issues?

    The problem is the missing update that they promising like 2 years ago. Thats why the game start suck and not the server qlty ^^
  • kasumi19kasumi19 Posts: 335 Arc User
    It trump wars that cousing it move the server to elsewhere outside USA then we will not have the problem ...as ebay sucks at time it crash as well know wonder everyone buy from china now ...USA slipping back into the stone age maybe thay be yelling out the windows to there friend rate trump ruin things there lucky i am in a country that told USA to stick it

    Yours Kasumi Lesbian power Rules
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