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Question Regarding the Game's Shutdown

lezard21lezard21 Posts: 3 Arc User
edited May 18 in General Discussion
Hi, let me begin by stating I have never played Swordsman nor have much idea what the game is about. For the past couple of years, I've been playing another PWI game: Champions Online.

However it recently caught my attention that 2 of PWI games are shutting down: Swordsman and Jade Dynasty, the latter being a long running game, and the former being heavily promoted in CO's webpage.

I'm trying to write an article about this event for a Chilean gamers network (https://www.3djuegos.com ) so I would like to know what happene here directly from the players.

Thanks in advance.
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  • poisonivory#1483 poisonivory Posts: 86 Arc User
    Bad Company spoiled a good game is all you can say :)
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  • gaukler68#5407 gaukler68 Posts: 167 Arc User
    edited May 16
    first: this was the best game what this time was running on f2p market (my opinion) but:

    - the worst management that i have ever seen
    - the worst support that i have ever seen
    - the worst translations that i have ever seen
    - the worst programmer for western clients i have ever seen
    - the worst mistakes and bugs without repair for months or years i have ever seen

    i think this company need to close completely ;)

    bye bye all <3
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  • lezard21lezard21 Posts: 3 Arc User
    What about content? I checked the patch notes for this game. There's a total of 22 patch notes across 4 years, which would roughly mean a patch every 2 months, but could only find one set that detailed a new Dungeon or Raid being added and it was around 2014.
    Was the game not getting regular updates? Did the devs share their plans for future content with the community?
  • gaukler68#5407 gaukler68 Posts: 167 Arc User
    90% cash shop updates, big updates they promised a lot and less then the half was realy built in. new dungeons or raid 90% was not working or bugged. devs didnt share their plans with community since 2015 or 16 XD
  • emihime#1660 emihime Posts: 20 Arc User
    Let me start off with that i've been playing this game for 2 years and i've been an 100% f2p player.

    First of all: The patches. The expansions i'm known is, big expansion in summer of 2016, then a smaller one in fall of 2016. Next expansion was again in summer of 2017 and again a smaller one in fall of 2017 again. There would be a regular ''maintenence'' each week and it would only be cash shop update, discount rotate. The only ''news'' we would get of swordsman was charge events and spend events.

    The communication was poor AF. There would be NO news whatsoever from the GMs. THERE ARE NO GMS actually, the best GM we had was sheepclouds, apparently she was fired? As i know she knew how the game worked, she would communicate with the community and try to do in-game community events. Then she dissapeared. FOR MONTHS, we don't know what happened, but the downfall started. After that we got this random dude sunny, that knew NOTHING of the game, acted like he cared, never actually logged in to the game and asked for ''help'' from the community. We tried to talk to him, actually, but then he dissapeared with no sign of life and would not answer to our questions and requests on the thread that himself made, then he came back, and then back at it again with no sign of life.

    BUGS BUGS BUGS that completely KILLED the game (and not only that). For example, the RU server had the latest summer expansion bugged for months, they could not use any of the new features, skills, could not enter the new dungeon and didn't have access to new instances that gave certain items to upgrade the new gears. If you tried to send a message to ''support'' they would just give you and automatic answer of ''we can't do anything about that you should go to the (dead af) forum and ask for (non existant) support there. Apparently after ehm 8+ months or something a ''server'' restart fixed the problem. OFC it did not completely fix the problem cause some players were still bugged.

    SUPER HEAVY P2W. Game breaking, completely, spend and charge events all the time that would benefit the p2w and who cares about f2p players. Back in the days, i have been told, you had to spend days and hours of farming to get a GEM V, and then a spend and charge event came, and u got full gem V with just a few hundred euros. Also, a lost art called ''Dragon Palms'' that you could only get from a p2w pack that was game breaking, no counter always one shots 2 minute cooldown. Along with that a feature that would take months to farm a simple level 4 ,and then they release a spend event that would give you level 8 ones that made your character 80% stronger.
    Overall it would take you years to reach the level of a heavy p2w player.

    The in game community was stupid as well. No new players, only the ones that have been playing for a while are left, f2p players (mostly not all) would not PvP at all unless some people forced it, just afk in town hugging your virtual husband/wife. New players would see how much it would take for you to actually level up on your own or see how DEAD the serverr is so they would quit instantly.

    Overall that's it. Maybe someone can add something up.

  • lezard21lezard21 Posts: 3 Arc User
    Thanks for the detailed replies!

    Now a few more questions, was this game always p2w or did it progressively devolve into it? I don't know if any of you played PWI (the game) but during it's first year it was not p2w with the exception of 1 class (the Venomancer) and after it's 1st anniversary it completely switched into full p2w. Would you say the same thing happened here?

    What about the game's population? Was it numerous when the game first launched? If so, would you be able to pinpoint at which point did it decline?
  • alt#5726 alt Posts: 136 Arc User
    @lezard21 At game start it was crowded alot peeps it even had some streamers, but after 2-3 months they started release spend events that sells lvl 5 gems for 10 euros each, lvl 6 being max gem(lvl 5 is made out of 5 lvl 4's and 4 is made out of 5 lvl 3 and so on and they had significant stat diference) and then it began, like 50% population straight Quited. There was still some population, but then every single spend event started to roll selling stronger and better items straight for money. More and more ppls quit due to p2w's just cashing in and getting decades ahead of everyone else who did not cash. There was people that's p2w more then 100k euros. Spend events was getting worse and worse recent spend event that's sold lvl 8 formations and dragon palms (formations empower your char by 40% stats wise) players were able to get formations from game too, but lvl 1 making lvl 8 with lvl 1 you would need approx 300 years of hard-core farming :smiley: . Dragon palms was another really cool stuff that they sold it was accessible only for money. That skill kill players you chose in 1 hit no counterplay is posible (skill was changed and modified by pwe so it would make players cash or it, dragon palms is close to a Ingame gm console that you can type in /kill ''player name" and he dies). Game was p2w at start, but not at those scales. One more thing added to peeps quiting that in game rewards are super low like super duper low. By just spending 10 euros you could skip month of farming. Last not the least community being afk and accepting everything they do and being afk.
  • gaukler68#5407 gaukler68 Posts: 167 Arc User
    Good morning.
    I was playing 2,5 years, not from beginning. First time i played, it doesnt feel like p2w. I payed with plessure a little bit every month and had have fun. OK "big cashers" allways were "better" but what game its not? and its ok i think. The time I was beginning to play the population was already smal, but after just 1 year more and more ppl quit. @alt/prowly XD i got dragon palm too but from the quest morai island (i dont know if its the right name in english) i think that was a mistake from pwe :D
    because no more ppl got this from there :p
    The coup de grace they gave the game then with that daily packs for login 1 hour. I had more then 30 alts too -.- just for harvest............
    but i think they thought to milk ppl and then shut down the game since more then 1 year!
    it was no surprise for me.
    i think an other company with better management could have made something great out of swo. but doesnt matter. the only i know for sure, i will never play a game from them anymore ;)
  • dzoleedzolee Posts: 196 Arc User
    edited May 19
    I know some really rich players who would occasionally visit this game every half year or year, willing to play again and cash but only on full servers, so when they would see bugs around it would just make for them easyer to close the game. On end, the last two expansions simply did not fit good on empty servers and if someone ever create other servers, all connected with penetration and mortal gears should be forbiden.

    Also like I said before, in start it was ok as we had only 2-3 upgrade systems but later each expansion gave some new upgrade system and neither one could be ever maxed. So normal players would always be behind not in one or two things but in 10 things in the same time which made this game totally unplayable for someone new. For example, this few last days when all is free it is still hard to max some things, many thousands of chests are requred to do it. It was basically closed single player game with sporadic and broken pvp here and there in which you could not invite friends to come play with you because many reasons, one would be shame to anyone know that you playing this xD. But for me are funny those who actually still were trying to play competitive against 90% mayority of pve players and under such game condition + being proud on that.
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